In order to gain a competitive edge within your own niche it's critical that you become an authority figure to those who comprise your target audience! Your reputation or that of your business can make or break you in terms of the amount of marketing success you experience! The point of building a reputation that shouts' you're the 'go to' person within your niche is to help give you more influence thus making your marketing efforts more effective!

Let's discuss 3 relatively simple ways to gain more influence within your own niche by building a reputation of one who is a trusted authority in the field!

Crank Out the Content

The more you create and publish information that is relevant and useful to people who have an interest in the niche you work, the more influence you'll gain! What you're in fact accomplishing is 'conditioning' people to turn to you to stay current and informed about what is going on in your target market! This strategy is very effective for building your reputation as the 'go to' person to get answers to nagging questions or to simply keep readers informed of any new developments! Of course it doesn't hurt to receive additional exposure around the internet which typically translates into more traffic! The success of your efforts in this area however are contingent upon publishing content that's consistently accurate as well as helpful to readers!

Connect with Thought Leaders

Google has made it very clear that your social media activity is a huge factor in judging how popular you or your content may be online! Another strategy you can use when using social sites for building more 'authority' online is to connect with thought leaders in your niche! These are the people that everybody listens to when they make recommendations or even simple comments! It goes without saying that these people have HUGE followings so if you can catch their attention and 'connect' with them in some way, your reputation will certainly benefit!

Brand Your Business

Branding is a proven and strategically sound way to boost the image of your business or products while also making both more recognizable online! The internet is virtually swarming with businesses both large and small that are constantly vying for the attention of people and branding is a terrific way to get noticed! If done right, the brand you establish will help to build not only your reputation and authority, but your business as well!

Taking measures to become an authority or at least create the perception that you are within your niche is a powerful way to gain more influence online! In order to experience any degree of marketing success it's vital that your reputation is an authoritative one that also reflects honesty and sincerity! If people don't trust you or feel they can view you as a reliable source of knowledge, it's unlikely they're going to make any purchases with you! The discussion above reviews 3 simple ways you can build your reputation online as a knowledgeable and trustworthy figure within your field! Keep in mind however this is an 'ongoing' process' that must be maintained if long term marketing success is your goal! All that is really needed is persistence and patience on your behalf to make these simple strategies work!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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