In this article, we take lessons from H. Samuel voucher code marketing campaign. Most companies in the UK view vouchers as something that can increase sales. However, blindly using coupons is not smart. In fact, improper use of discount coupons can negatively affect any business. Of course, there's a right way of doing things and H. Samuel is a good example.

H. Samuel is a jewellery chain which begun in the United Kingdom in 1862. Today it operates over 300 stores in almost all major cities across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.The company has mastered the craft of using promo codes for not only to increase sales but to promote long term customer loyalty.
Here is how:

1. Using promo codes to increase shopping cart conversions

When it comes to online shopping, the usual process goes something like this: First, the customers browse for the product they wish to buy. If they find what they want then they place it in the shopping cart. However, for whatever reasons, there are times that some customers simply abandon the shopping cart.

H. Samuel targetsthese customers with an email reminding them of the item still in the shopping cart. The email also includes a special HSamueldiscount code. “Hi John, we noticed that you did not complete your purchase of Garmin smartwatch. Here is a special 10% discount code just for you valid for the next 3 hours.” To make it even easier for the customer, the email also includes a link that takes the user straight to checkout.

2. Using HSamuel discount codes to split test

To make sure that your marketing campaigns are effective, you must track and measure your campaigns. H.Samuel tracks their campaigns using different codes for each advertising outlet or campaign. Coupon codes make it easier for a marketing manager to track a sale back to its original marketing channel.

For instance, let’s assume that HSamuel promotional code HSAM10 is used for an AdWords campaign targeting London. Let’s assume that the user lands on a page where the main colour is white. At the same time, voucher code 10HSHAM is used in a different AdWords campaign targeting again the same demographic as the first campaign and offering the same discount on the very same product. However, this time the user lands in a page where the main colour is navy blue.At the end of the split test period, monitoring which coupon was used most times in online orders allows the marketing manager to see which colour scheme creates more sales. It may appear that a navy blue web page inspires customers to make a purchase more so than a white web page. This tactic also reinforces conversion data from Google AdWords. The same data allows H. Samuel to do re-adjustments of variables as means of optimizing performance.

3. Using promotional codes to increase customer numbers

H. Samuel has a great tactic for acquiring new customers using vouchers. For potential new customers, H.Samuel likes to give away a limited-time voucher code, i.e in the form of a pop up.“Hi, we noticed you are visiting our site for the first time. Here is a special HSamuel promo code for you valid today only. Enjoy 10% off”.It's a great way of creating urgency, and it encourages the first time customers to act fast.

Discount coupons are a great marketing tool if you know how to use it. Whatever you do, do not overdo it. Bombarding your list daily with discounts is a sure way of getting a lot of people to unsubscribe. Finally, it's best that you emulate H. Samuel coupon philosophy; which is - if you are going to give an offer, make sure it's something of value.

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