Today, almost all businesses are taking a digital leap by upgrading their legacy technologies and reshaping their processes and the way they interact with customers. The reason they are embracing digital transformation (DX) is to serve customers better and faster, eventually unlocking business growth and competitiveness. But with a constant increase in adoption of DX strategies, the competition has become fierce, making it tougher for retailers to rapidly increase business sales.

In such a scenario, how does a retailer manage to increase business sales? One best way is to embrace mobility. Once only a marketing fad, mobility has now become a necessity to survive/sustain in the digital race. A recent study on mobile retail reveals that mobility can drive more than 30 percent of sales. But the question is how? So, here we have rounded up three important ways a retail mobile app can help you boost business sales.

1. Geo-targeted messages:
Geo-targeting is an excellent marketing opportunity to personalize customer communication using location and intriguing a quick action. People crave personalization. And push notifications can help you do just that – send a personalized message to quickly grab app user’s attention and convert them into loyal customers.

Another interactive way to personalize customer interaction is beacons. Beacon is the hottest yet not-so-new technology trend in the retail market space. Giants like Macy’s and Walmart are a few examples that got their beacon business done right. Deploying beacons in your physical stores can help you drastically reshape your marketing efforts by attracting customers in proximity and encouraging them to buy via enticing offers.

2. Social media integration:
Through a retail mobile app, you can allow your customers to spread the word about your brand in a few clicks or taps. Utilizing this opportunity for your retail business can mean attracting new customers, irrespective of location or time barriers. Plus you provide the users a convenient social sharing experience. Apart from that, you can even tailor engagement strategies specifically for social networking audience. For example, Instagram or Facebook competitions to leverage the potential of both the mobile app and social media to expand your social reach and boost sales simultaneously.

3. Digital experience:
Digital customers are generally available on multiple channels. Thus, each of those channels become imperative for online brand presence sustenance and growth. Interacting with customers digitally compels them to buy products and boost conversions. However, you must not limit yourself to providing just slick design, quick checkout, secure payment and instant login. Customers are not isolated. There a number of other brands that provide the same features and value that your brand does. Look beyond the features and provide what matters the most – a personalized digital experience. Making them spend as much less time as possible with a hassle-free shopping experience will likely make a huge difference.

In summary,
Following the conventions will no longer bring you, customers. In the digital transformation age, the one who continuously innovates, improvises and performs will succeed. Also, keep an eye on the next-gen technologies like wearables, augmented and virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile payments and artificial intelligence (AI). You may want to connect with .net development company to integrate these technologies with your app not just to deliver interactive consumer experiences but also outperform your competitors while bringing in more business. What are some other ways to boost sales via retail apps? Share your ideas and thoughts with us using the comment section below.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software. The blog shows different ways to boost sales via retail apps.