Are you working remotely or self-employed? If so, do you have a dedicated office space to work from?

Whether you’re new to working from home or it’s been your regular gig for a while, it’s essential to have an office. Dedicated office space in your home will give you a quiet space to work which should eliminate the major distractions of daily life.

If you’re sometimes distracted by other people in the house watching TV, hanging out, or doing chores, you definitely need a private space. Fortunately, building a private office doesn’t have to be an expensive or lengthy process.

Sure, if you have the time and money, you could build an additional room onto your home, but that’s not necessary. Here’s how you can design a private office quickly and affordably, whether you rent or own your residence.

1. Get a steel building kit

A steel building kit is a great way to construct a private office swiftly and easily, especially if you have to store merchandise or any pieces of equipment. For example, if you’re a screen printer or you work with metal, a steel building kit will provide all the space you will need to work, and you’ll get your garage back.

It’s easy to find a steel building kit contractor to work with if you live anywhere in the U.S. Kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs; and if you need more space, most of them can be expanded without difficulty later on.

The benefit to having a steel building rather than a shed is that the former will be stronger as well as larger. Though both may be regarded as temporary structures, some county governments classify large steel buildings as permanent structures.

But they typically last longer than sheds, and if you live in a cold climate, you can install an HVAC system as well.

2. Use a small shed from Home Depot

Small sheds are more affordable than steel buildings and will create a small, private office space immediately in your backyard. They’re perfect for solopreneurs who don’t require much space for equipment beyond a computer and printer.

Although a shed from your local hardware store might seem boring, you can renovate it to create a full office suite like one fellow did. This YouTuber converted a 12 foot by 16 foot shed into a cozy, insulated office with a loft.

His office includes high-end carpet, overhead lighting, and a baseboard heater. If you’re looking for more ideas to convert a shed or barn into an office, check out these suggestions.

3. Hire someone to build a tiny home in your backyard

Don’t want to pull major permits? Hire someone to build an off-grid tiny home, on a temporary, movable platform in your backyard.

Skip the electrical work and run an extension cord from your garage to power your computer and a small infrared space heater (or fan in the summer). A well-insulated tiny home will make it easy to work from home in cold and warm temperatures.

Not sold on having a home office? You’re not alone

If you’re one of the 41% of remote workers who don’t care to return to the office, building a private space at home might help. But if you miss working with people, you’ll feel isolated nevertheless.

If that’s how you feel, build the office, then invite your remote co-workers over to spend a day working together. Do this two or three times per week, and your co-workers will probably be thrilled for the company.

If you can’t get together with your colleagues, and you can’t go back to the office, you might as well make the best of your situation and create a comfortable office environment.

Having a private office at home will boost your productivity

When you work from home, it’s easy to develop bad habits like hunching over your laptop on the couch or working from your bed. If you develop a bad posture, your productivity will fall.

Having a proper office at home will support you in being productive by creating an environment for a real desk with an ergonomic office chair.

When you create a private office for working from home, you’ll feel better physically and mentally. Once you get in a groove, you’ll be more productive and you might even get your work done faster.

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