With the rapid development and advancement of technology, electronic appliances and devices now form a significant portion of commercial and household waste items. It applies, particularly to smartphones, computers, and other gadgets. According to a report, electrical and electronic waste in just the EU has grown in quantity from 9.1 million tonnes in 2005 to 12.3 million tonnes in 2020. As soon as companies release newer models, older versions instantly become obsolete and are mostly disposed of away.

Electrical appliances and electronic items contain a lot of hazardous materials. As a result, waste in this form is extremely harmful to the environment. Companies that operate in the telecom and IT industries are the major contributors to electrical and electronic waste.

It’s more important than ever to dispose of electronic and electrical waste in a manner that reduces their environmental impact. Fortunately, professional waste management companies like Junk Busters, are qualified and equipped to deal with such items proficiently. Households and companies should engage in such services for the proper disposal of electronic and electrical waste.

Where Does Electrical and Electronic Waste Go?

Electrical and electronic waste contains many hazardous materials like cadmium, mercury, lead, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants. Improper electrical and electronic disposal increases the probability of these materials contaminating the surrounding air, land, and nearby water bodies. When electrical and electronic waste is thrown away at a landfill, it degrades the water that passes. This contaminated water then makes its way to natural groundwater, making it hazardous for drinking.
Here are three eco-friendly ways in which you can use to dispose of electronic waste locally:

Trade-in old electronics

You can make some money by trading in obsolete electronic items. Some websites and shops offer cash or vouchers in exchange for outdated electronic items. Companies are willing to accept various items ranging from old laptops, game consoles, smartphones to even kitchen appliances.

You can even sell the items yourself on online auction websites such as Shpock or eBay, or social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace. You could get more money this way as you’ll be getting rid of the middleman.


You can donate electrical or electronic items that you don’t need to others. Your old laptop could be useful to charity organizations or even students. There are a lot of organizations that have donation programs for electronic and electrical items.

Giving Back to Companies and Drop Off Points

There are a lot of companies that have exchange policies in place. You can return older devices to these companies when you purchase an upgraded model. In some cases, companies even offer a discount on your purchase.

There are recycling companies that have begun initiatives for disposing of electrical and electronic waste. They’ve made drop off points for smartphones and tablets, where they pick up the items and have them recycled.

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