Quitting smoking is probably one of your top priorities but a difficult one to ascertain. The habit is probably engrained in your daily routines as well as being a social crutch when you go out. However, you can quit with a little help. Here are some ideas:

1. Create a quit smoking plan. You need a plan and something that you will stick to. You need to set yourself mini targets in these plans so that you have something to work to. Simply saying you want to give up is not enough of a plan. You need to say you want to only be smoking a certain amount by a certain time line, making it easy for you to track your progress. This means that when you reach your goals you can reward yourself and be proud of yourself.

You also need to consider any social events which might get in the way of your plan, events where you would normally have smoked. Avoid these events; they are not worth you slipping up. If you can, try and quit with friends or a partner. You can co-ordinate your quit smoking plans together so you can spur each other on.

2. Get medical help. You don’t have to quit cold turkey; you can help yourself by getting hold of nicotine replacement solutions such as e cigarettes or gums and patches. Electronic cigarettes give you the nicotine you need to keep cravings at bay but without most of the other harmful chemicals found in normal cigarettes. There are also many flavours of e liquid to keep things interesting and realistic.

Because your brain is so addicted to nicotine, it means that you won’t get so many withdrawals if you gradually withdraw from nicotine. This means you can wean yourself off of your smoking habit gradually and sensibly – the best way to quit.

3. Get support. You need to have the backing of friends and family to help you quit and give you motivation when you are feeling low and about to have a cigarette. If you don’t have much support, you can join support groups run by ex smokers who have quit themselves.

You can make friends this way and some people make long lasting friendships in these groups. You can also log into support groups online where you can join chat rooms and speak to people at any time of day or night, when cravings are at their worst and you need a pick me up to keep you going on the right track.

Author's Bio: 

Scott Artichoke used to be a 15 per day smoker and managed to kick the habit 3 years ago. He used the electronic cigarette initially to wean himself off and recommends menthol e liquid or marlboro e liquid for the most realistic feel.