"Is he cheating on me?"
"Is he displaying suspicious behavior?"
"How can you be sure?"

This final question is probably the biggest of the three, many women think their man is cheating on her, and although sometimes they are right, lots of times they are wrong and just being paranoid. You need to make sure, and to do this you need to know how to know if he is cheating you, so here are some tips:

1. Is he being Secretive?

One of the biggest giveaways for a man cheating is if he is being secretive. If you find that your partner is spending a lot of time out of the house, but is being very vague about where they are going or who they are meeting with then these could be the first signs of an affair starting. If you think your man is cheating then you should try to and find out where he is going, but without being too obvious or intrusive, because you don't want to risk ruining your relationship just because of something you think, but don't know, is going on. You should just always ask where he is going and who with, but make it sound like you are just asking to be polite, don't make it seem like an accusation!

2. Is he being much nicer to you than normal?

This is another way of knowing if he is cheating on you. Men who are cheating on their partners are often much nicer to them while the affair is going on. This is due to the guilt that your man will be feeling, guilty because he knows he shouldn't be having the affair but doesn't want to stop it. This results in him being extra nice to you, which he could do in several ways. He could be always offering to help you far more than he ever did, always giving you compliments, taking you out more than he used to, bringing home flowers more frequently or just taking much more interest in you than usual. However just because these signs are being displayed, please don't jump to the wrong conclusion, he might just be being nice because he loves you!

3. Gossip is good

One of the best ways to find out about things going on behind your back is to find out what the gossip is between your friends, or your partners friends. Just because you don't know what's going on, doesn't mean that they won't. Quite often your friends will know far more about your relationship then you will because they will get to hear both sides of the story. You should always try to and find out from your friends if you think something is going on, but do it subtly, don't just come out and ask them. Often they will want to tell you if they know anything, but they might feel too shy or that it is not the place. Make yourself easy to talk to and let your friends know that you wouldn't hold anything they know against them.

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