Living far from home creates a void that can sometimes be difficult to ignore. Here are some ways to meet your emotional needs without the benefit of being close to home.

Holidays can be a trying time when you are far from your family. It also gives your children a great example to live by. If you haven't found a place where you can relax and be yourself among friends, try giving back instead by finding a charitable organization that can use your help.

Volunteering your time to help out causes that you care about will not only keep you busy during those moments you are feeling low, but it can be a way to find others that have the same things close to their heart. When you find others who have the same interests, there is potential to become close friends.

Your volunteer time doesn't need to be exclusive to the holidays, but it is a great time to ease yourself into it. To find a place to volunteer start with your interests and make some calls. You can also check out this website

Keeping a journal/self reflection:
A journal can serve many purposes for you in your life away from home. When you take time to reflect on your day you will grow personally and have a recored of that growth. A journal can also serve as a memory keeper reminding you of the things you've done in the past, but the best outcome of a journal is when you use it as a gratitude log.

Something really magical happens when you list the things for which you are greatful on a daily basis. It changes your perspective of your situation as if you are looking at your life with rose colored glasses but it doesn't end there. You know how when you buy a certain model car, you suddenly see all the other cars like it on the road? Well when you jouranal the things you are greatful for in your life, you suddenly become aware of even more things to be greatful about. It is the wonderful chain reaction that can do wonders for your emotional state.

Challenge yourself to find at least 10 things you are greatful to have in your life. Tomorrow, add 20 to the list. The day after that add 30 things you didn't list. Continue adding to the page and see how quickly you can find 100 things for which you are greatful.

Don't wait until you are feeling down to review your list. Take a moment each night before you go to bed, read about the things for which you are greatful and find more to add to the list. This daily routine will help your grattitude become a consistent habit.

When distance doesn't matter:

There is a saying that in life you will have thousands of acquaintances, but you are blessed if you have one real friend. Some friends will stay with you no matter how distant you become geographically.. Don't count out your closest brother, sister or friend when you need to vent.

Although you will need at least one person to tell about your frustrations and fears while living away, keep a balance in your conversations. If the only thing you talk about is negative, people will want to talk to you less often.

Expect to feel some disapointment as your friends from back home continue to have a life without you.

Author's Bio: 

Brenda Trott, M.Ed is the author of Make Your Own Village, a guide for parenting away from home. She believes that parents are a child's best resources and established to support them.