It is said that a child is the product of his upbringing and surroundings. The habit inculcated during the formation years i.e., during childhood persists forever and thus it becomes one of the most important tasks for parents and teachers to make sure that kids receive positive guidance all along. Most people often attribute their best or worst of habit to have formed during childhood. The best part of learning something as a kid is best time of life for learning and development. Although it’s never too late to learn, the impact of cognitive learning and overall growth in this time can never be underestimated. In this article, we will briefly describe three ways to help kids stay motivated and focused.

1. Establish rules and avoid negative influences

The first and the most important thing a guardian or a teacher or we as society can do is to provide a stress-free and positive environment to kids. Kids learn what they see. If they get distracted by negative influences, it becomes important for their parents to make sure they disrupt the distraction and let the kids focus only on positive things. At an early age a child is not enough grown up to take his own decisions and thus some set of rules must be defined for a children telling him/her the difference between what is good and allowed versus what is bad and a no-no! As time progresses the child becomes smarter himself to understand and appreciate the values of these rules.

2. Inspire and motivate them

It is not a cliché that motivation doesn’t last long. There is a difference between inspiration and motivation. Some people are already focused and determined to achieve what they want and need no further motivation. All they need is a good mentoring towards their career path or future. However, in most of the cases, we need to supply a constant motivation and guidance so that the person stays focused. This goes true for kids as well as for adults. So the question is how do we achieve it? How to make sure kids stay motivated and focused throughout? The answer lies in helping kids boost up their morals by meaningful and powerful thoughts. These meaningful thoughts can be inspirational quotes for kids or stories with a message. The motivational quotes are in abundance on internet or books and are very useful in maintaining the focus. Further, they are often said or written by personalities who have achieved immense amount of success and wisdom. Thus such quotes are very valuable, well thought and work like a charm.

3. Reward and celebrate

How good and motivating it feels when your hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. When a kid is trying to perform well in studies or in sports and they fail, it puts them under a lot of pressure. Thus the key is to help them during pressure situation and reward them with some play time or gift or visit to park perhaps when they perform well. This makes kids stay motivated and try harder in whatever they do. Celebrating small successes and victories are very important else the life starts to become and seem monotonous.


In the end, make sure that a child is always motivated and distraction free. Reading them a good inspirational quote or message might make their day. The power of positive thoughts always works and channels in form of positive energy. At last, stay by their side all the time and keep an eye on their whereabouts too. If you find anything causing them lose their focus, talk to them in a very assuring manner.

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