It’s a well-known fact that a happy work environment can have a ripple effect throughout the business creating happy employees and happy customers. If your employees are happy, it will show in their work. It’s obvious, right? That being said, a lot of businesses don’t think that office morale is an important factor to consider in the workplace.

It happens all too often that business overlook this aspect, treating the workplace like a prison (or so it feels). There are certain steps that business owners or managers can take to improve the morale of the office which in turn will improve their work.

Here are just three of the steps you can take to improve morale today.

1. Incentives

We can all agree that if you’re going to be rewarded for doing something, you’re more likely to do it. It’s like saying to yourself, ‘if I go to the gym I can have a pizza’ let’s face it, you’re going to go to the gym, not because you want to, but because you want pizza. Putting some incentives in place for your employees is a good way to start to increase office morale. People tend to be happier to do something if they are going to be rewarded for their efforts. It can also help employee engagement with a bit of fun competition. Now the incentive for completing their tasks doesn’t have to be anything drastic like a holiday for 2 to Mexico, just a small reward like a team lunch to say thank you for your efforts.

2. Open door policy

Having an open-door policy within your workplace means that employees feel more comfortable around other departments within the business. Managers are no longer locked away from employees and are more approachable. Just to clarify, when I say, ‘open door policy’, I don’t just mean that the manager leaves their office door open. What I mean by this is that the managers will check in with their employees, be open to feedback and most importantly, treat them like a person, not a number. Be honest, how many times have you been sat there at work when a manager goes past, and you go all stiff and nervous? Probably all the time, that’s how I felt. An open-door policy can eliminate that feeling, in turn, creating a better work environment for everyone.

3. Listen

One of the main frustrations employees feel is that their voice is not heard. Listening to their feedback and taking it on board is a guaranteed way to boost office morale. A good way for employees to get their views across is to have a sort of ‘council’ one member from each department can represent their team at voice any concerns or ideas to high management. If employees feel like you care and are willing to make changes to create a better work environment, they are more likely to be happy with their job.

In Conclusion

A happy office can mean the difference between a job done good and a job done excellently. Happy employees are more likely to go that extra mile if they feel they are going to be rewarded or their efforts are being acknowledged.
Obviously, it would be impossible to please everyone in the office and there is only so many rewards you can give or changes that you are able to make. But as I said in the opening paragraph, a happy office creates a ripple effect

Author's Bio: 

Written by Rachel Erin, Media manager at Australian Accident Helpline. They are a national personal injury compensation company based in Australia.