Amanda feels unloved and under-appreciated in her love relationship. She's dated Jeff for 2 years now and she's starting to wonder what she's doing in this passion-less relationship.

To Amanda, it seems that Jeff is more willing to spend a weekend fixing her broken toilet, than he is to take her out for a romantic dinner followed by sensual lovemaking.

Would you like to feel more appreciation, love and passion in your love relationship or marriage?

Too many couples end up disappointed and bored with their relationship. Some assume that this is just the way it goes with long-term committed relationships. Others start to feel resentful of their mate and then distance and tension build until the relationship simply falls apart.

No matter who you are and regardless of how long you've been with your partner, you CAN enjoy the love and passion that you crave and it CAN last. You CAN also feel appreciated and even treasured by your mate.

It all comes down to receiving.

Even though there are countless things that your partner could be doing differently in your relationship, we want you to focus for a little while on what you are doing (or not doing).

Are you in a receiving mode for the things that you have been longing for in your love relationship or marriage?

If your honest answer is “no,” you are among many others in the same situation.

People feel taken for granted and become disenchanted with their relationship and partner and, quite often, it's because these people are not in a receiving mode for what they believe is missing.

This is not to lay all of the “blame” at your feet. As we said, there are changes that your mate could also make. But, start out by making sure that you are in a receiving mode when you are with your partner and see what unfolds.

Here are 3 ideas that can help put you in a receiving mode...

#1: Improve your self esteem and address your worthiness issues.
Self esteem problems are usually talked about in regard to children or teenagers. It's often assumed that when people reach adulthood, their low sense of self worth magically disappears.

This is rarely the case.

Many times, a person with low self esteem will feel unworthy of the kind of love, respect and passion that he or she really wants. Because of this, the person will unknowingly put up blocks to receiving those desired things from his or her mate.

Do you have a tendency to pull away when your partner comes close and tries to compliment you or do something nice for you?

This happens frequently when one person feels unworthy of the attention or praise. If you have this habit, recognize it. Be gentle with yourself, and at the same time, begin to improve your self esteem.

You could start by taking a deep breath and consciously encouraging yourself to just receive the love and gratitude when it is given to you-- instead of discounting it or pushing it away.

#2: Stop expecting your partner to disappoint you.
Over time, it's common for couples to develop certain expectations about one another. This is only natural. After all, you have probably become very intimate with your mate and it's likely that you have learned quite a bit about him or her.

Some of what you've learned is admirable and appealing, and some of it is downright ugly and could seem unacceptable to you.

If you've formed expectations that your mate is self-centered, greedy, critical, cold, unemotional or otherwise incapable of giving you the love and appreciation that you really want...think again.

Yes, you might have witnessed your partner acting in ways that make you cringe and that are evidence of these traits that we've listed above.

However, it's highly likely that your partner is NOT these things all of the time. In fact, it may be that you are mainly characterizing your mate as self-centered or critical when there could be plenty of other times when he or she does not act in these ways.

Obviously, if you are ready to move on from this relationship because you are offended or somehow turned off by your partner, please give this question serious consideration.

But, if you are choosing to be with this man or woman, give him or her credit for ALL of the traits and characteristics that are displayed, not just the ones that disappoint you.

When you expand your view, you'll probably find that your partner actually is capable of what you most want from him or her.

#3: Shift your perspective of love and appreciation.
We all want to be feel loved and appreciated, but what this is differs for each of us. It could be that your partner does show you gratitude and invites you to passion, but you can't see it because this is not exactly what you had in mind.

It can be helpful for you both to talk about the specific ways that you like to be loved and appreciated and then try to express yourself so that your mate can feel what you are attempting to convey.

It can also help to be more open in your receiving. If your partner shows his or her love through actions instead of words, for example, acknowledge that significant show of affection

Relationships require you to pay attention and to expand beyond your own perspective. When you do this, many times, you can see that what you thought was missing, was actually there all along.

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