It’s time for a wake up call, okay?

Everything you've been feeling... anger, hate, jealousy, shame... it keeps coming up, doesn't it?

You want to let it go. Some people you know may tell you that you "shouldn't" be angry or you "should" let it slide off your back.

But that is a lie.

And if you are stuffing your anger, it's going to keep coming back until you do something about it.

Here's why:

1. Hanging onto anger blocks your energy. It has no where to go in your body and can't be released.

2. Holding anger's hand leads to it being in your energy and attitude each and every day.

3. Shouting angry words is the same as punching someone in the gut. The energy carries the same weight if you are aware of it.

Anger carries with it a strong energy that can eventually lead to outward physical ailments, outbursts, and events that occur.

Instead of stuffing anger, you can let it go. Since you’re here, let’s go ahead and talk about how to do that.

Here's how:

1. Find your inner voice.

Every time you stuff anger, you lose an opportunity to speak and take a stand for yourself. Why let that moment go by?

If you need more money for a project, ask for it.
If you want a new job, go look for one.
If you want to spend more time with your partner, be sure to plan time for it.

Because by doing each of these actions, you are stepping into your inner voice and claiming what you want.

2. Stand in your values.

When you see needs not getting met, say so.
When you are in a meeting and do not agree with what's being said, speak up.
When you feel the need to speak, do it.

Your values need to be spoken. It's your claim to more of what you want. This can include family, freedom, peace of mind, abundance, whatever is your highest wish and desire that drives you to more authenticity in your desire to have it in your life.

3. Know where you are coming from.

Before you lash out in anger, know why something irked you. Building on the two items listed above, search before you speak. It's kind of like when I did lab research.

We wouldn't just send over results without doing research first. We had to test and see what the results were and then report the results.

When you have feelings that come up as anger, jealousy, fear, and more, this is your body telling you that something isn't right.

Ask the question: What do I want?

By finding the answer, you find the opposite of the negative feeling you're experiencing. This way you know where you are coming from and where you want the situation to go. Then you can share with your partner, boss, kids to find a solution and work together.

So here's how you can apply these to your life...

...listen to yourself.

Let yourself spend time exploring and finding what it is that you want. Then agree with yourself.

Say yes.

No one will speak up for you.

So do it for yourself.

What do you say?

Author's Bio: 

Gabrielle Conde is an Intuitive Life Path Coach and Certified Spiritual Coach. She helps people find God's Creative Vision for their life and feel free to live it. She is offering a FREE Energy Scan with sign up.