Do you want to put a bounce back in your step? Your good health is your choice!
Did you know that 75% of today's disease is due to stress and tension in your body?
1.Organs and the inside Story
Your body is like a suitcase, all packed for travel with the necessities you need just like your body also packed with vital organs and glands in somewhat the same manner, everything packed on top of everything else.
The more I study and work with Reflexology the more I am amazed at this wonderful structure we walk around in and we rather take it for granted.Your feet are carefully preserved in a shoe, which prevents a certain amount of natural motion of the foot that would take place if we were constantly walking barefoot in the primitive way nature intended us to follow.
Have you watched a mechanic fine tune a racing car? He works on every part turning constantly adjusting a screw here and there until he is fully satisfied the machine is in perfect running order. A good mechanic will keep that engine in shape, working even longer hours when something is wrong as he knows the slightest part of the engine has to work well and as hard as the largest part. And if it doesn't then the whole engine is out of tune.
Your body , its glands, organs and nerves need to be working in perfect order in the same way.But if one of these parts get out of order the whole body is affected. This is where reflexology can step in to help you.
2. Mind and Body Connection
We are 100% responsible for all of our experiences. Every thought you think is creating your future. The point of power is always in the present moment. The bottom line for everyone is, "I'm not good enough."
Make a decision to be "Willing to Change." We create every so-called "illness" in our body. Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the keys to positive changes and optimal health. The choice is yours.
Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?
Stress is your emotional response to the complexity of the wrong little voice that takes over if you don't know how to manage it. You may look for answers and when you can't find them you freak out! What little voice are your talking about you might be saying now, that's the little voice, it says you aren't good enough or you don't know what your'e talking about. It's that little voice in your brain that makes you feel unable or that's too hard.
You need to go within to find the resources. By changing your thought pattern you an heal yourself. I believe we create every so called "illness" in your body.
Did you know your body is a mirror or your thoughts and beliefs? Your body is talking to you,and if your feet could talk they might say, "Do I have to be a pain before you will listen to me?"
If you love yourself, express yourself, and give your body"live" messages so that it can heal. Let out the pain and let love fill the space. I am not going to die because of statistics. I hope your won't either.
3. Did your know your spine is your lifeline?
Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine said spinal problems are the cause for most of the lost man hours found on the jobs today. Look to the spine for the cause of disease.The spine is part of the axial skeleton. It is a strong, flexible, rod-like structure which supports the head, give attachments to the ribs and encloses and protects the vital spinal cord. It provides the supportive framework for the body which affords a wide range of movement , and has a significant impact on circulation, nerve supply, and general well being. A healthy, flexible spine insures a healthy body!
By using the compression technique of reflexology to the spinal area the muscle tension can be relaxed surrounding the vertebra. If any muscle is under strain it relaxes its elasticity and tends to crystallize at the nerve endings.With a properly aligned spine, the nerve interference is reduced and the body is better able to heal itself.If C1 is out of alignment you may experience headaches, dizziness, chronic tiredness, head colds, high blood pressure,migraines and nervous breakdowns. If T1 is out of alignment you may experience bronchitis, pneumonia, congestion and influenza. The 3 Lumbar nerve goes to the reproductive glands, urinary bladder, and the knee. Conditions associated with pressure on this nerve are bladder trouble, painful or irregular menstrual periods, change of life symptoms, knee pains, involuntary discharge of urine, and impotency.
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