Did you cheat on your spouse and you don't know what you can do to rebuild your marriage? Or perhaps your spouse cheated on you and you're having a hard time trusting your spouse again. Discover these 3 crucial keys to rebuilding trust back into your marriage.

First things first you need to make sure the 3rd person involved is out of you and your spouse's life. If you committed infidelity, you can't be friends with the person you had an affair with, even if you have been friends for a long time. The most important relationship you have is possibly ruined and you need to stop all contact with the other person. If you're truly committed to making your marriage work than you need to sever all ties now. If your spouse cheated on you, you need to tell your spouse that their relationship with the other person is over.

Next, you must be able to speak openly about the affair. If you cheated on your spouse, you must answer all your spouse's questions about the affair. Honesty after an affair is vital. Your spouse may demand to know more about what exactly happened or they may not want to hear about the details of the affair. If your guilty of cheating and your spouse wants to know everything, you can't blame them for wanting to know more.

If you want to save your marriage, you need to be honest with your spouse from this point on. It's common for many spouses who are victims of an affair to often ask questions. Right now, their world around them is in complete chaos. They also feel very worthless and insecure. What will help them get through this is your honesty and your reassurance that you will do everything and anything you can to fix this marriage.

If you and your spouse is honest about what happened, than you both have a chance figure out exactly what went wrong in your marriage. If you and your spouse don't openly talk about the affair, you risk the chance of not figuring out the underlying factors to what caused the affair. If you don't figure out what cause this affair, your marriage has a slim chance of surviving. Your spouse will have many questions about the affair. It's very important that you answer every question to the best of your knowledge. With honesty and integrity, your marriage can survive this challenging obstacle.

Lastly, the spouse that had the affair needs to understand how difficult and painful this is for their spouse. It will take time for your spouse to heal from this heart break. You will need to be very patient with your spouse as they work through their emotions. It may take awhile for whomever was cheated on to trust their partner again but with patience and support, it can happen.

If you cheated on your spouse, you also will go through a series of emotions. You will feel guilty as well as lonely because your spouse needs this time (maybe away from you) to heal from the pain of the affair.

If your spouse cheated on you, you need to do your best to be understanding and patient with them as well. You both need to communicate about the affair if you guys truly want your marriage to work.

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