What if you decide to lose weight today and know that you cannot fail? You are probably very reluctant to trust any new diet or miracle weight loss cure simply because of your past experiences. The reality is that we've all been through the cycle of dieting and not seeing results - or if you do see results, staying with it for long enough never quite worked out. What most people do not tell you is that losing weight is tough. For one, its much tougher losing it than it is in gaining it but the great things is that there is immense satisfaction in losing weight and doing it yourself.

Regardless of the program that you are on, you have to make it work. Most weight loss diets or routines can work and if it worked for one person it absolutely can work for you. So, what can you do to guarantee your success? Here are 3 powerful ideas.

1. Set A Goal
The power of goal setting is incredible. Every athlete that has ever achieved excellence will confess to the importance of a realistic goal that is set in stone. In fact, anyone who has ever achieved major success did it with the help of a goal. Decide exactly how much weight you want to lose and by when and then don't move the target. Set it in stone. Write it down and look at it every day.

2. Get A Trainer
Getting a trainer is critically important. Having someone who is there to look out for you can be very powerful. A good trainer will know exactly how hard to push you and will be there to provide the encouragement and guidance you need. Let's face it, maintaining a workout routine can be hard and without a trainer you will probably give up way too soon.

3. Become "Health"
If you are really serious about losing weight this time you have to change your entire outlook on life. You don't have to become healthy. You need to become health. Study health. Study fitness. Educate yourself and surround yourself with fit and healthy people. As you immerse yourself in this new idea you will become it and the change will be virtually automatic.

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