We all went through some good and not-so-good times. We all think, and maybe sometimes, overthink. The experiences we go through our entire life shape the way we think today. And this way is in a constant change.
Those negative experiences are the most full of emotions and thoughts experiences. When something bad happens, your mind starts working more, the negative thoughts appear and then a negative state of mind takes shape.
During our entire lifetime, we form and then use some sets of thoughts. For example, in a fearful situation, we will have pretty much the same thoughts, even if in one situation we fear a dog barking at us and in another one a furious bear at a zoo.
There is nothing wrong with the negative thoughts, except when they become unhealthy and begin sinking our personality. I have realized that we learn how to react to different situations. And these wrong thoughts make us negatively evaluate a situation.


I have already mentioned this negative thinking pattern because it is very common. If we carefully observe the way we think in a negative situation, we will see that most of us overthink. What does this mean? It means that we make up a lot of scenarios in our mind.
We go through every one of them and we analyze all over again all the possibilities. I’ve become aware of this pattern when I have realized that all I was thinking about was how to make things perfect. How to never make a mistake or take any negligent risk. The worst part about this pattern is that you cannot control it. What to do to stop this?
Well, firstly you have to accept the fact that we are all humans. So, this makes us prone to making mistakes. There is no way of predicting the future. Overthinking prevents you from enjoying the happy moments in your life, so try to limit your time spent in this negative thinking cycle.


Rumination is slightly different from overthinking. In this case, you keep repeating the negative aspects of a problem without reaching a conclusion. Your only focus is that negative, bad or wrong thing in your life. As overthinking, rumination keeps you away from enjoying the moment. The worst part about rumination is that it is a common symptom of anxiety and depression.

And all starts with not making space in our mind for the happy, full of motivation and energy moments. It is in our human nature to analyze and think.
But it is in our unhealthy way of thinking about the rise of avoidance, of fear or motivation decline. I have long ago accepted that there are good and bad experiences.
This is life about. But it is the way we react to these experiences that enhances or damages our wellbeing. Try to actively find solutions to your problems.
It might be the most undesirable one. But at least, it solves our problem or wins more time. I used this strategy when I found out that I have to make a ten-page essay in five hours.
After some minutes spent ruminating, I have realized that I do not have enough time to finish the essay. So, I found some assignment writing services like Best Essays, Essay Writing Lab and Australian Writings that help with assignment. Even though I had hard times as a student, I can only be grateful for my escape of rumination.


A totally different negative thinking pattern is blaming. It usually appears when we try to protect our ego from being ripped apart. This means that we blame the others for our actions, for our mistakes or negligent risks.
It is an accessible way of self-defense that our mind has developed through time and experiences. I once had a friend who was constantly blaming her friends for everything that happened.
All this constant blaming gave rise to a feeling of rejection from us. You do not want to spend your time with a person who is constantly running away from taking his or her responsibility.
That was the moment when I have realized that it is better to tear my ego than to wrap it in an untouchable cloak. These tearing-ego moments give the shape of you are today and who you will be tomorrow.
These moments make your personality bloom and keep you away from negative thinking.

There are much more wrong thoughts that we use in our everyday life. The best thing we can do is to carefully analyze our way of reacting to specific situations. And if it is an unhealthy way of thinking, to try and change that.
We have to accept our human conditions. We have to accept that everyone on this earth makes mistakes because the perfection does not exist. The way we react to all these experiences is the only one thing that makes the difference between happy people and lost-in-negative-patterns ones.

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Susan Saurel is a reputable writer from Texas. She is a passionate traveler who’s been teaching for five years before she joined the team of the creative writing services. Ever since Susan uses every opportunity she gets to speak her mind, and her readers all agree that she has a lot of great things to say.