Hello friends! Previously I talked about meditation as a tool to bring more presence into our lives. I've decided I want to make meditation a more regular part of my current routine. Practice what you preach, right?

I've been an avid meditator during many periods of my life, but lately my practice has fallen off. I want to bring it back into my life in a structured way. In the past, I've often practiced meditation as way to cope during difficult periods. During those stressful times, meditation brought a great deal of inner-peace and a sense of space into my life. I'm curious as to how my life can transform if I commit to a daily practice when I'm in a mental space of relative peace and happiness.

I've challenged myself to a 30 day meditation challenge. Every day I will start my day with a 10 minute meditation. It may be a guided meditation or it may be simply sitting in stillness. I'm choosing 10 minutes because it's a manageable amount of time. I'm not a morning person, but I know if I leave my meditation until the evening it simply won't get done (and as much as I love my warm bed, getting out of it just 10 minutes earlier is not going to kill me).

As I've mentioned, I've meditated at different times in my life and I also practice Reiki self-care, so stillness is not something that is entirely new to me. What is new to me is the idea of committing to 30 straight days of it! Part of the reason that I'm choosing to share this on my blog is I'm hoping it will give me some extra accountability.

What am I hoping to achieve by the end of the challenge? More presence, more gratitude and more peace. I would love to have some fellow travelers on this meditation journey, so please feel free to join me! I'd also be thrilled to hear from you. Leave a comment on your favorite meditation style, a guided meditation you enjoy, or what you do to bring more space and awareness into your life!

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Koestner is fascinated by how creativity and spirituality overlap. She spent many years as a professional actress and now facilitates others in getting touch with their creative selves, through spirituality, inner-work and the willingness to leap.