When your child frowns and moans, “Nobody likes me,” Do you suffer too? Would you like 50 parenting tips for helping your child make friends? Let’s start with 3 social skill tips you can teach your child today.

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” – Mother Teresa.

You can help your child “belong.” Just take a little time and teach him how to make friends with the following social skills. He’ll be smiling in no time.

First Parenting Tip for Children:

Tell him, “See things from your friend’s point of view.” Every child likes to be understood. Your child might have to ask his friend some questions to find out what he is thinking. He could start by saying, “I have a question. Why are you so mad at your sister?” This gives his friend an open door to talking about the problem. Tell your child to listen well. He might follow up with a comment like, “I can see why you’re so mad.”

Notice your child isn’t agreeing with his friend’s point of view. He is seeing why his friend’s upset.

His friend will feel understood. Your child won’t be saying, “Nobody likes me,” because his friend will like him for listening.

Parenting Tips for Teaching Social Skills:

The best way to teach your child what you mean is to start with, “I have a question for you. Ask it. Listen to your child. Later ask him how he felt when you saw things from his point of view. Tell him to share this friendly technique with other kids.

Second Parenting Tip for Children:

Tell her, “Praise your friend for improving in school work or sports.” Every child likes a “pat on the back” for trying to improve. Your daughter can give that pat with encouraging words like, “You got a perfect score on your spelling test. You sure know how to kick the ball. You climbed the tree higher than the other kids.”

Words of praise help friends try to do even better.
Your daughter won’t be saying, “Nobody likes me.” Your child will enjoy helping her friend feel good about herself. The other child will appreciate being her friend.

Parenting Tips for Teaching Social Skills:

Look for ways to praise your child. Praise your child with words like, “You cleaned up your toys and organized them so well.
I like how much effort you put into your homework. No wonder you’re getting good grades. You pleased me, when you took the time to read to your little brother.”

Notice how your sincere praise encourages her to do even better. Tell her to use honest praise with friends too. They’ll love her for it.

Third Parenting Tip for Children:

Take turns playing each other’s games. Kids don’t like kids who have to be first or insist only playing their games. If your child won’t play other kids’ games, he won’t have many friends. Your son can learn to ask, “What do you want to play.” He can learn to tell himself, “This will be fun.”

The other kids will enjoy your child because he’s a good sport. He won’t be saying, “Nobody likes me.” His friends will enjoy playing their games and his games.

Parenting Tips for Teaching Social Skills:

Train each of your children to take turns choosing which board games to play on Family Night. Talk about fairness. Teach them the importance of positive self talk like, “This is fun. I’m a good sport by playing my sister’s game. I’m not the king of the universe. They don’t have to play my games every time.”

Solutions for Loneliness:

If you teach your children to see things from another’s point of view, praise their friends, and take turns playing each other’s games, they won’t be saying, “Nobody likes me.” They won’t be feeling the poverty of loneliness and being unloved. They will feel the joy of belonging. You can teach them the social skills they need. Why not start today?

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