You are leaving your mind in the hands of others. For some of us, we cannot give up that sort of control to other people, who can simply place inside of us messages and instructions that are ignoble and nefarious in nature. While it is true that you cannot force someone to do something they do not want to while they are under, it is also proven that you can implant persuasions based on the potentials of what a person would be able to do.

A good hypnotist can simulate everyday acts and get people to reveal their most private details, like bank account numbers, pin numbers - or any sort of information that can be used as leverage against them in some way. The advice is that hypnosis is yesterday’s news, and subliminal technology gives you - the end user, full control of the type of messages that get implanted into your brain and the methods in which it is done. You need to be in command of your own mind regression therapy.

Hypnosis is a blunt tool when compared to the more subtle and delicate methodologies of subliminal technologies. It is not proven 100% that the messages (verbal) sent to your mind through the hypnotist is communicated directly into the subconscious. It is also not proven that the subconscious reacts to these messages and that an exact effect is received. The level of consciousness or pre consciousness is not measurable, and once you have vagaries in the equation of mental therapy, then you do not have a return of investment.

Some people have laid claim that ‘wanting’ something bad enough is a sort of self hypnosis in itself, and that the process is a mere extension of inner desire. Subliminal messaging is a more exact science, using measured mediums and embedded messages to persuade the mind to a more positive state. And you can customise your own therapy sessions with different CD’s and different mediums, knowing that you are treating a facet of yourself that needs rehabilitation.

Also, we are also looking at the ease of use in the methods of hypnosis versus subliminal technology. For one thing, with subliminal technology, you do not need a big setup, a hypnotist to be around, a controlled environment. You do not need to make an appointment or clear your schedule for these therapy sessions. What you need to do really is to simply plug in your CD and find a quiet corner 20 mins a day, everyday of the week. When and where you do it is totally up to you, you are in control of your sessions. If you feel you need more than the usual, you can, without worrying about work or your social life.

These are just 3 reasons why subliminal technology is better than hypnosis, but they are the most pressing and legitimate reasons that anyone should look into before deciding on their method for self improvement. The proponents of subliminal technology are in the tens of thousands and those numbers are growing everyday. Find out why it is such a revolution in the personal development industry.

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