Traditionally, we have be accustomed to believing that if you want to remove your dysfunctional behaviors or emotions you need to explore your past and figure out what happened that traumatized you and produced your emotional imbalance. At first glance it makes perfect sense since we are a product of our past thoughts. If we experience something painful and it happened in the past, why not look back?

Here are some reasons why you don´t need to.

1. You are still living your past in the present. You cannot go back in time, it only appears that you are going back in time, but actually - you are just causing your subconscious mind to vividly present to you what is still happening in your present. In other words, if you were emotionally hurt in the past and did not deal with it, your past is present in you right now. Lets me continue.

2. Whatever beliefs system is holding that pain in place is obviously causing you to feel some present pain or discomfort one way or another. Simply identifying what is not working for you right now can be the only link you need to fixing what happened in the past. Let me explain. Let´s say that you were neglected by your father, and now you have issues with being a good father. You are repeating the pattern. Let´s just pretend that the pain caused by your father is subconsciously stimulated when it is your turn to be a father. Maybe you have a hard time spending quality time with your children. In this case, you know your dysfunction and you decide you want to “cure” this problem.

You do not have to go back and forgive your father or talk with your inner child. Because focusing on being a good father and linking pleasure to really taking responsibility for your children cannot be accomplished if you subconscious does not let go of the way you were “neglected”. “Curing your Current Dysfunctions” will cause the healing of the pain from your past.

There is a new approach and you can find out all about it soon. I will explain more.

3. Here I will bring it all home. The reason you can heal your present and automatically heal your past is because of one of The Laws of The Subconscious Mind. I like to refer to as..The Subconscious Mind´s Law of Defense. This law states that anything you think, say, do, imagine or experience will pass through your subconscious mind´s defensive filter. (made up by your beliefs)

This means that you can focus on the positive things you want, like the example above and automatically heal your past. The person in the above example would need to focus his intention on assuming complete responsibility of his child and also focusing on the benefits of doing so.

By doing that, he will by default cause the subconscious mind to pull up the defensive response with reference to his childhood and the neglect of his father. When the subconscious mind does this, it can quickly be dissolved without needing to know all the details that happened. All that is brought up is the fight or flight response triggered by the association. It can be felt in many ways, for example some tightening in the chest, throat or stomach.

There is a new technique called the iMaster Techniques where by the subconscious mind is leveraged in this manner. Anyone can learn it quickly and in addition there is a free course you can download if you want to get started right away.

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