Do you have difficulty reaching your goals in their your life or career? If so, you're not alone.

In this article, Phil will share three steps for completing your goals by tapping into your inner body wisdom.


Over 92% of the population has a goal to write a book. However, less than 5% will ever complete it. Do you have any suggestions that will help me get started and reach my goals?


Absolutely. The key is to activate your own inner genius that will allow you to change your experience of completion of the things you most want in your life and work. Your “genius completer” can be found in your “body wisdom.” Here are three steps to follow:


Most people make the mistake of reaching out to new goals before they have completed old goals or resonated with their current state-of-affairs. First, make a list of the goals that you have made in the past that are “incomplete.” Second, take a snap shot with the camera of your mind’s eye of your current state-of-completion. Do this by looking at your list of incomplete goals.

Ask yourself these questions while looking at your list: How does completion happen for you? Is it difficult or frustrating? Do you get excited by an idea then distract yourself? Do you feel disappointed when it doesn’t happen like you imagined? Do you have difficulty sustaining your interest?

Take a few deep breaths and accept your current experience around completion, exactly as it is … good or bad. Breathe and accept until you have fully resonated with your current experience. You will know that you have when there is a shift in your body, like a deep sigh.


Next, I invite you to try on the concept of “completion” by looking at your internal processes. Notice your breathing right now. Is your breathing full and deep? Or, are your breaths shallow and rapid? Are you holding your breath? Is your breathing racy? Are you breathing mostly in your chest area or into your belly?

Is your inhale longer than your exhale or the reverse? Do you have difficulty swallowing? Do you have difficulty with your digestion?

Healthy completion in our external world is almost always mirrored by healthy completion in our inner world. Likewise, incompletions outside are echoed by incompletions of inner systems of breathing, swallowing and digesting.


Finally, if you could change your experience of completion, what would you like it to look like? What would you like it to smell like? Taste like? Sound like?

Would you like to be surprised, have it come easily, and have it be gentle and friendly? Use your senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing to tell you how you would like your state-of-completion to be.


In summary, become a “genius completer” by accepting your current state-of-completion, anchoring it by connecting to inner biological processes (i.e., breathing, swallowing, digesting) that mirror your external experience, and using your senses to tell you how you would rather have completion happen. These three steps will kick start your inner wisdom.

Happy completing!

Phil Johncock
Award-Winning Author & Educator


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