You may already have heard about how the Law of Attraction can help you. Amazingly, with applying it, you are said to be able to attract easily and effortlessly what you would like to have in you life. From the ideal relationship, perfect job, beautiful body and anything else you desire -- it can all be yours.

Sadly, it does not work quite this way. You may find yourself not achieving any success even after understanding what the Law of Attraction is about. The secret lies in the fact that you may have certain blockages that are hindering your manifestations. You end up with ineffective results. Fortunately, you can clear blocks out of your way, just as you have created them.

Secret block 1: Resistance. You may not realize that you have deep unconscious resistance to your desired goals. For instance, you may want a career that earns you more money, but subconsciously, you put yourself down because you feel that you do not even deserve a well paying job. Or you may want a new car but is afraid that it is going to invoke jealousy from your neighbors.

Resistance comes from your beliefs. Look deep into your heart and discover your hidden fears. Ask yourself if you are avoiding something. Become still and simply listen. The answer will come. With awareness, you can take measures to address your specific resistance or fear.

Secret block 2: Worry. Worry is a very common problem, especially when you are new to the Law of Attraction. Remember that like attracts like and if you worry then you are only going to create more of that same negative situation. So if you are worried about finding a house you can afford, then you are going to continuously create the situation where you can't find a house you can afford.

Breathe deeply and release all your worries. Send out a clear intent and trust that God or the Universe will grant you what you ask for. Then, also follow up with affirming actions. If you are stuck in worry, you may decide to just sit on your butt and not take any action. Taking actions is a sign that you are moving forward in your beliefs and putting yourself in a receiving state.

Secret block 3: Attachment To Outcome. A case of excess anxiety can also cause you to become too attached to the outcome that you are hoping to manifest. Your fears also start to act up when the Universe takes some time in its delivery to you. You start to check every day for indications of whether your dreams are already manifesting. Instead of trusting the process, you give up too soon and think that the Law of Attraction is just a marketing gimmick to a positive thinking program.

Learning to release these blocks takes practice. The most important thing is noticing and understanding what is in your way. You need to cancel out the thoughts that are sabotaging your real intent. You also need to empower yourself with a new belief system so that you can begin to attract the resources from the Universe, to bring your dreams into reality. True manifesting is about co-creating with the Universe.

Be open to manifest for the good of humanity. Those who master manifesting have a great responsibility to manifest for the good of humanity. Follow your passion and help some underserved area of society. Joe Vitale, a master metaphysician was at one point in his life homeless. He is now working to help end
homelessness, along with his bestselling metaphysical and marketing books.

Removing the blocks to manifesting is truly possible for everyone. When you release these blocks it is like the difference between watching television on a black and white television and a full color television set. Manifesting is not just about creating in the physical, it is a truly spiritual experience.

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Evelyn Lim is an abundance coach, assisting her clients in working towards their vision. Her site is currently read by thousands of readers across the world. She encourages her readers and clients to interweave abundance into their lives through first working from within. On her site, Evelyn shares about law of attraction manifestation, creating abundance, self mastery and meditation/spirituality. She shares about her journey as a life coach, Vision Board Counselor and Intuitive Consultant. Do visit her site now at