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3 Tips for Developing Self-Discipline in Your Children

1. Always, always, do what you say you are going to do. Remember that your children learn from EVERY encounter with you...even if it's not what you want them to learn! If you tell a child that a certain behavior will cause them to be punished, you MUST follow through with the punishment. Each time you don't follow through, you teach your child, "Mom and Dad don't mean what they say."

If a child, for example, is being disruptive, and you say, "Michael, please stop that," and then allow Michael to continue, you have effectively taught Michael to disobey! Additionally, children need the security that comes from knowing Mom and Dad are truly in charge. Any inconsistency in your approach robs them of that security!

2. Show your children the effects of self-discipline, and the effects of LACK of self-discipline. Be on the lookout for people who are becoming successful as a result of their self-discipline. Families, athletes, famous people, even fictional characters can be great examples. In the same way, show your children the results of the lack of self-discipline. Discuss people who are in trouble, or people who don't get the results they want, and show your children how the breakdown in their self-discipline led them to trouble!

3. Paint an exciting future for your children. Inspire them to dream big dreams, to think boldly about their future. Show them the opportunities that become available to people who have great discipline!

Follow these tips, and your child will develop the important quality of Self-Discipline!

Denny Strecker

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Denny Strecker has been teaching parents how to improve their parenting skills for the past 15 years. He shows parents how to teach their children the "Life Skills" that society expects but that no one teaches them.