Who says you can’t have it all? When you take the time to realize your human potential, you can truly manifest happiness and prosperity in all areas of your life -- and that, my friends, is how you discover inner peace. But in order to achieve inner peace in your life, you must first transform your way of thinking to begin the spiritual growth and personal growth process. Don’t know how to do this? Follow these three, simple tips to achieving inner peace and you may just be surprised at the outcome you provide for yourself:

1. Balance. Life is a delicate balancing act. If you lean too far to the right or left, you may fall. But if you use the right measurement of balance, you discover that you are capable of just about anything. How do you get yourself back into balance? The first important step is to figure out which goals are most important in your life. You can only achieve inner peace when your mind is not scattered everywhere. Focus on one or two goals you’d like to manifest in your life. I’m not saying you should throw away all your other goals, but you need to take baby steps before you can walk…remember the balancing act? It’s a lot easier to perform one or two tasks at a time to get the ball rolling in the right direction. After each level of accomplishment, you gain more momentum to keep moving higher up the goal chart. It’s all a matter of tenacity -- which leads me to the next point:

2. Be Tenacious! The more time and effort you are willing to put into your smaller endeavors, the faster they will get accomplished. Being tenacious doesn’t mean being obstinate. In fact, you must learn how to bend with the ebbs and flows of time, events, and other curve balls that the Universe throws your way. Again, let me remind you of the balancing act you must have in order to achieve personal growth in life. When you realize that you are right where you need to be at this very moment, the easier it will be for you to gain inner peace and fulfill your life destiny.

3. Design your blueprint for living. When we travel cross-country (or just across town for some folks), it serves us well to have a map that can get us to our destination. The same holds true for our life journey. We need a map, or blueprint for living that we can follow to chart our course in sometimes turbulent passages. We need to know that we can fall back on plan b, c, or even d if we have to reroute our way to our destiny. The end result will still be the same if you’ve put your heart and mind to it. But here’s the best news: your blueprint for living has already been designed for you by a higher source. You simply need to learn how to tap into your intuitive powers to read its course and adjust it to please your heart. The more you adapt your mind to the positive flow of Universal energy, the more open you become to hearing your higher source and understanding your life blueprint.

What do these three tips have to do with achieving inner peace and personal growth in life? Just like your blueprint for living, this brief guideline is a way for you to kick start your way to manifest a positive lifestyle makeover that will help you become one with yourself and with the world around you. When you are able to realize your value in this world (and I’m not talking about money here), you find that you can and will achieve much more than you ever imagined.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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3 Tips to Achieving Inner Peace & Personal Growth
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. For more information, please go to: joanmariewhelan.com