Twitter is a great tool to build buzz around your business, brand, or expertise. When you demonstrate that you know how to use the site wisely, you gain “Tweet Cred”, showing a great reputation as a savvy Web 2.0 user. Ignore the general nature of the Twitterverse and you’ll not only lose followers and fans, worse yet you’ll lose your “Tweet Cred”.

Building your credibility on Twitter is more than knowing the technical angles. It’s about growing a well targeted network of people who can eventually buy from you or promote your business to their networks. Whether you’re a solopreneurs or the leader of a large global organization, it never hurts to make sure you are leading with “Tweet Cred”.

Here are 3 essential tips to create a powerful, remarkable presence on Twitter.

1. Focus on relationship building
Like all social networking sites, Twitter is based on relationships. Your interactions set the pace for how others perceive you, the value you hold for your followers, and your integrity. Responding back to others, retweeting another person’s info, or providing great information all help facilitate relationships. Through these relationships, you’ll support the whole reason you’re using social networking: observers turn into followers, followers turn into fans, fans turn into leads, and leads turn into sales.

2. Quit the Preaching, Start the Tweeting
Some people don’t feel comfortable sharing what’s happening in their present moment. Rather than Tweet about a computer malfunction, or how an avocado sandwich would really hit the spot right now, they create Tweets that sound like they’re speaking from a podium. “I’m preparing to turn 4 average entrepreneurs into gazillionaires, here’s how you can become one too!” just doesn’t ring with authenticity. There’s a pitch to it and worse yet, a resistance to being authentic and in the moment.

You don’t have to be perfect to attract leads and new opportunities. Tweeting about the commonalities of life (such as dogs who bark during teleclasses or not having enough time in the day to get everything done) offer followers easy touchpoints to connect with you. Sending out preachy Tweets only puts a barrier between you and your prospective leads. Take off the armor and replace it with something that can create a heart to heart connection with your audience.

3. Easy on the Pitches
There’s a temptation to pitch like crazy to your followers, but let the pitches happen after you’ve established a relationship (Tip 1). If you set up an automated reply to greet new followers, leave off the links to your site or special opt in page. That communicates an attitude that your pitch is more important than learning about your network. Pitch hay, not your Twitter friends!

Leading with a savvy knowledge of social networking only builds your potential for success on sites like Twitter. You don’t want to come across as unethical or out of integrity. Follow these 3 tips to guide your actions and watch your “Tweet Cred” attract fans, followers, leads, and sales.

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Nancy Marmolejo is an online visibility and social media expert who grooms entrepreneurs for the spotlight. An award winning business owner, Nancy is frequently quoted in the areas of social media, business, and creativity. Get Nancy’s free Action Guide “Why Social Networking” by visiting VivaVisibilityBlog.