We get asked this question all the time: "Is it possible for me to build a multilevel network for my MLM business online?" The obvious answer is, "Yes," since many people are successfully growing their MLM or network marketing businesses online. The real question is how you become one of those success stories.

The first answer to the question is "personal contact." Even if you are trying to build your multilevel network primarily online, it doesn't mean that you can avoid making personal contact with people altogether. While millions of people buy and sell products and services on the internet everyday without ever making personal contact, if you really want to attract distributors to your network you are going to have to make personal contact. Getting a person interested enough in your MLM or network marketing business to sign up and become active takes a lot more effort than selling a widget on eBay. And one of the forms that effort takes is making personal contact. So when someone takes the time to inquire about your business -- whether through your blog, email, or website -- strike while the iron is hot and make a personal contact. Pick up the phone and call the person. Even if you only get their voice mail, take the time to leave a personal message that tells the person, "Hey, thanks for looking at this opportunity. I'm calling to introduce myself and to let you know I'm here if you would like to speak in person or ask questions." This very simple but essential contact can make your business stand out to a prospect who may have inquired about a dozen business opportunities that day.

Second, make repeated contacts. For you to build a successful multilevel network online your prospects have to know you exist. For them to know you exist, you have to make between seven and twelve contacts. Wow, that's a lot of contacts. The good news is that many of those contacts can be via email. Subscribing to a good autoresponder service will allow you to broadcast multiple emails, at various intervals, to all of your prospects so that you keep your name and business opportunity in front of them. Newsletters and ezines are another way to make repeated contacts with prospects.

Finally, a fast response time to inquiries about your business is crucial. If someone takes the time to call or email you about your business, don't let more than 24 hours go by before you get back to them. The internet is all about speed and to attract really great distributors to your multilevel network you need to show that you are sharp and on the ball. Nothing demonstrates that better than a quick response time. A fast response also shows your respect for the prospect's inquiry and your level of interest. Got it? Good. Now go get 'em!

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