Are you all ready to hit the "Go" button on your MLM email marketing campaign? If so, then stop! Back away from the "Go" button and read these three free tips before you launch your campaign. These three tips will not only jump start your campaign but will ensure that your message will get through to your prospects, rather than getting stuck in their spam filter or being sent to a bunch of people who don't want to hear from you.

The first thing you need to double-check before you launch your MLM email marketing campaign is the source of your prospects -- where you get your leads. Be sure that they want to hear from you and that you have permission to email them. If you are buying leads from an outside source, Google the company and see what other people have said about them. Make sure they are a reputable company with a history of delivering what they promise, meaning fresh, targeted leads who have given permission for you to contact them. More importantly, whether you are buying leads or getting your own, make sure that people have to double opt-in to get on your list. That means that a person has to first sign up for your list and then confirms that they signed up. Finally, provide instructions on how prospects can "whitelist" your email address in their email program (which means including your address in their email address book). This ensures that your emails will actually reach your prospects rather than getting stuck in their spam filter.

Second, make sure that your MLM email marketing campaign is personalized, which means that your email includes, at the very least, your prospect's name and your own name. Nothing turns a prospect off faster than getting an email addressed to, "Dear MLM Prospect"! After all, how often do you open snail mail that is addressed to "Resident"? And, of course, you want to be sure the email is personalized with your own information including your name, email, website or blog, and phone number. If you are using an autoresponder or automated email program, be sure that you can personalize the broadcasted emails with your information.

Third, and perhaps most obviously, for your MLM email marketing campaign to succeed be sure that your emails provide actual value to your prospects. In every email you send out make sure you offer a free tip, statistic, or other tidbit of useful information that your prospect can use whether or not they join your business opportunity. Sure, you want to make contact with your prospect and market your opportunity, but you also have to give the prospect something useful with every contact or they won't want to read your emails anymore. So decide what info you can provide that would best help your prospect and be sure to include it in your email.

We've been using these three tips to great effect for quite a few years and we hope they help jump start your MLM email marketing campaign. For more free information about how we successfully market our MLM opportunity online, the specific strategies we use, make sure you click the link in the resource box below.

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