It is no secret that dividend paying stocks are a very popular investment. And there is a good reason for that. There are 3 major benefits that you get any time you are investing in dividend paying stocks.

1. They don’t have to go up

Dividend stocks do not have to go up in order for you to make money. If the stock is trading at $50 it can stay at $50 forever and you could still be making money off of it due to the cash flow it is giving off.

That is a very refreshing change from non-dividend stocks which you need to appreciate to get anywhere.

Now that is a double sided sword. Just because the stock does not have to appreciate does not mean it is ok to buy poor quality securities. Dividends just help you add more to the stock, they are not the only reason for investing.

2. Good For Safety

Historically Dividend stocks have been good safety plays for when times get tough. Particularly since everyone flocks to them to avoid getting their portfolio torn in half during a bears market.

Safety is a very important goal in investing, so dividend stocks do help to fill that role for your long term investments.

3. Shows an Income

Typically a company pays their shareholders dividends from their earnings. If they are paying nice health dividends that is an indicator that the company has a nice healthy income. So the amount a company pays out can also be an indicator of that company’s overall strength.

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