For any blogger the task of page linking can be tedious and time consuming. To anybody involved in the blogging business there are already way too many other tasks that need to be done. But on further inspection the benefits of an internal link on your blog are more than worth the time investing in such a boring task. This is especially true if you are blogging to make money and wanting to increase blog traffic to your site. Linking pages on your site that have related content is actually quite necessary in order to maximize your exposure and money making capabilities.

Here are 3 subtle yet significant benefits you can expect to experience through the use of an internal link on your blog.

Helps Readers Navigate Blog

The first benefit of an internal link on your blog is that it helps you readers more easily find other related content on the site. Now this will serve to increase reader satisfaction and build a stronger sense of loyalty to your site. With a greater sense of loyalty and satisfaction your readers will be more incline to recommend your site to others which will help to increase blog traffic for you.

Search Engine Friendly

When linking pages on your site this encourages search engines to visit your site and examine the links. As the search engines follow links on your site they may discover pages they have not seen before and if the links are relevant this will likely increase your search rankings. Anybody involved in the blogging business is aware how valuable and targeted search engine traffic can be therefore this is a huge benefit.

Draws RSS Subscriber to Blog

When you are blogging to make money the links you place on your site is how you earn an income. Many subscribers tend to view your posts from an rss reader and therefore can not access the live links on your site. By offering them interesting content and linking it to other relevant material on the site the reader must now actually visit your site blog to access the content they are looking for. At this point they now are able to view all your links and this increases your chances of earning income.

Page linking is a subtle yet significant task that anybody blogging to make money should take the time to always perform. The benefits of a simple internal link start with helping you to increase blog traffic to your site. For anybody in the blogging business being able to increase the traffic flow is critical to the existence and success of the site itself. The 3 benefits we spoke of above that result from page linking more than justify the time spent to perform what otherwise seems like a boring and needless task.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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