Suicide is one of the most taboo subjects any parent can discuss with their children. For a lot of parents when they start to see the signs of someone who might be suicidal, showing in their children they start to go in to denial. But, just turning the other cheek and pretending nothing is wrong is the worst thing that you can do. As parents we sometimes forget the cruelty of childhood and exactly what it meant to feel like none of your peers excepted you. It is important to remember that this is a crucial period in your child's life and that if ignored the situation will only grow worse not better. That is why before things spiral out of control it is important to grab hold of the situation.

One of the easiest things you can do for a suicidal child is make their living space a more relaxed and stress free area. Most of the time children make their rooms a cluttered gothic mess themselves but it is up to us as their parents to make this in to something livable and bright. You can accomplish this with only the simple tools of a paint brush, a broom, and bright duvet cover sets. Giving their bedrooms a more relaxed feel will allow them to release the mounting pressure of their day to day life. Spending some quality time with your kids is something that can not be taken for granted and is truly irreplaceable to a youth, because kids who attempt suicide often feel like their all alone in the world so spending some time with them will not only boost their confidence, but also let them know that you care about them. One thing that they all need is just someone to listen to their problems, as children their voice is small they can begin to feel as if they are going to burst with all those different built up emotions inside, and sometimes they just need their mother and father to let them vent all of their emotions that is why it is important to listen now before you loose the ability to here them.

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