The purpose of collecting contact information on your squeeze page is to conduct a more targeted email based marketing campaign. As you compile an email list of people who leave their names you then want to immediately begin to develop a relationship with them. Eventually your relationship building efforts will lead to a greater trust between you and your email contacts. When marketing on the internet building trust with potential customers like this makes your promotional efforts easier and more effective.

Considering the importance of building this relationship and trust with any potential customers there are 3 strategies that you must NOT overlook in doing so.

Project an Abundance Attitude

Don't smother your list with endless promotional emails but rather give freely of useful information. The fact is that the majority of your email contacts should contain no other intentions but to be helpful to your list members. You already know what their interests are by the fact that they answered one of your ads. Take that direction and establish a helpful relationship with them by offering free information to them to further their knowledge in the field.

By assisting your list members in this way you will establish your credibility with them which will make any promotional efforts all the more effective.

Appeal to the Need of Instant Gratification

By making all your offering through electronic delivery you are appealing to the need for instant gratification with your list members. Any offering that requires a physical shipping address or 'wait time' for delivery will often serve to make people hesitate or even reject the offer outright. It also may prove to seem more 'intrusive' since they need to extend even more contact information to you. Avoid this when you can and make a habit to keep your list members in their comfort zone by delivering your gifts or products electronically.

From a business standpoint selling an electronically delivered product is much easier and more profitable for you. No warehousing, shipping or manufacturing costs will be involved allowing you to sell them at a more attractive price and for a bigger profit.

Display Your Knowledge

Your constant contact with list members is the perfect opportunity to display your knowledge to them pertaining to the subject matter on which they have shown an interest. As you impart more and more information that proves to be helpful to them you will become more of an 'authority' figure on that subject. At this point your opinions and suggestions will carry more impact as will your promotional efforts. This can only lead to a long and prosperous relationship for both you and your list members.

Email based marketing is a very fast and effective way to grow your online business if done correctly. As you collect an email list of people on your squeeze page you should immediately begin building a comfortable relationship with them. In time you will gain their trust which is important to have when marketing on the internet since this makes your promotional efforts more effective. By following the 3 simple strategies we discussed above your email contacts will develop a certain comfort level with you. This in turn will allow you to enjoy a long and prosperous relationship with them.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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