The show muscles, the guns, the biceps, the pythons whatever you want to call them they always have a special place in weight lifters vision of what they desire. Your guns are quite possibly the easiest muscle group for people to view which is possibly why they have achieved such important status.

Unfortunately a pair of big sized biceps is still fairly rare. Wander around your local fitness centre, how many of the trainers actually have a big developed set of biceps, not too many I bet. They are often the most trained muscle group which is why it is quite strange. If you are indeed one of the people who wants bigger biceps and haven't been able to big guns thus far, keep reading. Here we are going to reveal exactly how to get bigger biceps as part of a lean muscle building routine.

You have to increase the size of all the muscles in your body you cannot just increase the size of your biceps. The muscles in your arms will grow in direct proportion to the size of your muscles in the rest of your body. Don't believe me yet then have you ever seen anyone who ha a large pair of muscular thighs but a small set of biceps. No it doesn't happen, so really if you want bigger biceps then you need to know how to gain mass, this will lead you to bigger guns.

Firstly, stop doing concentration curls or even barbell curls. Start doing large multi-joint movements for the back. This means bent over rows, pull-ups and lateral pull downs. These all make use of the biceps in a secondary capacity but in these movements they are moving a much heavier weight. Quiet simply lift heavier weights get bigger muscles, that is what we are striving for here.

Secondly, you must squat, it is a tremendously difficult and stressful exercise that works the entire body because of this the body is flooded with highly anabolic hormones that is great muscle growth. This makes the body highly anabolic, ideal for growing muscles.

Thirdly, ingest a gallon of milk a day aswell as a standard muscle building nutrition diet. the main reason a lot of people don't grow is not through lack of training it is because they do not have enough extra calories in their body to create muscle out of. muscle does not grow from thin air it has to be created from excess calories that you take on. An awesome way to ingest enough calories is to drink one gallon of milk each day. Yes it is a lot but if you do this you will start to pile on muscle all over your body including your biceps in a short period of time.

OK, now you have those top tips go and build your biceps up!

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