I feel dizzy, whenever it comes to writing a literature review. The fact is it’s a literary piece, which needs thorough reading of related academic resources along with understanding them all completely. It is the discussion, which gives your point of view on published material. Literature review is based on contextualize and latest research work, which is mostly placed in the beginning of the project, so that a reader can refer to it completely.
Including a summary in a literature review is a wrong theory, because it involves review of only important body contents of the book, that is, the main arguments should be discussed in a paper. I usually highlight the main parts of the book while reading it, which are relevant to my project. This is the main trick to grab the important parts of the book and to hold it to keep your readers attentive.
Another tip is to relate the context of the book with the project by providing relevant evidence to it. The main argument should be first stated and then, it is related to your projects subjects. The evidence should be provided at the end of the each argument so that a reader can be easily convinced.
A literature review should be written under proper headings; headings should deliver the core of whole paragraph. It may be continued in sub heads to.
Whether it is about writing an Arts literature review or science one, you should use these simple tips to accomplish a review successfully. The essential ingredient of writing a literature review is the book you have selected to review.
Use simple language and maintain a standard that can easily be understood anywhere.

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