The law of attraction remains a mystery to many people, in spite of the recent wave of movies and books that claim to be about this ancient principle. This mystery surrounding the law of attraction is what makes boatloads of money for the so-called ‘gurus’... and it can also keep you from reaching your own dreams. What follows are the three biggest secrets that law of attraction gurus don’t like to talk about, the truth behind those secrets, and methods you can use to apply these secrets in your own life to manifest your dreams and desires.

Law of Attraction Secret #1: The Law of Attraction is ‘hidden knowledge’ that only a select few understand and benefit from.

The truth: The principles behind the law of attraction have been around for a long, long, time. Far from being a secret, or being hidden, they have been written about and talked about for centuries. The reality is that the majority of people don’t seek out the knowledge of how to improve themselves or to live a better life, and even fewer people will actually use that information if they seek it out.

If you want to make specific changes in your life the information on how to do so is out there for you to learn to be successful. But you have to go get it. You have to become a seeker. Imagine you are sitting in your room wishing you could learn to become a piano player or a cabinet maker or a dancer. Is the knowledge of how to become a piano player or a doctor in your closet? Can you run down to the corner store and pick some up some information on how to become an engineer? How about your family or friends? Chances are, none of these options will serve you very well. You have to go out and find the information yourself. Is the knowledge hidden? No, it’s just not common knowledge. The same is true of the law of attraction and of learning to improve your life. There is very little real hidden information in life, so decide what you need to learn and go learn it.

Law of Attraction Secret #2: You have to buy the newest book, or see the latest movie, or go to the hottest seminar in order to fully understand and learn how to use the law of attraction.

The truth: YOU are the teacher. This is probably the most important secret, and failing to understand this concept will guarantee you a life of struggle. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about learning from the best teachers and the best books. Teachers and books are a great resource, but will never make your life better. YOU make your life better by applying the concepts that you learn from teachers and books... by applying them EVERY day.

Too many people believe that just reading a book or seeing a movie will give them what they need to make changes in their life. When that doesn’t work they rush out and buy the next bestseller or latch onto the guru of the moment. The core principles behind the law of attraction, and in fact behind all success strategies, are simple. Book after book after book rehashes the same information and presents it in a slightly different manner, perhaps with a new twist. Instead of chasing after the latest fad you will get much better results if you commit yourself to one method and give it one hundred percent of your effort.

Law of Attraction Secret #3: You can learn to manifest by practicing until you get better.

The truth: There is no practice in life. There is no warm up. This is it. Everything you do, every thought you think, and every action you take has an effect upon your life. There really is no such thing as practice in life. In life, the curtain is always up, the audience is always there. Everything counts.

Eliminate the word practice from your vocabulary. You either do something or you don’t do it. If you do it, you do it with full focus and attention. That’s the only way to make changes in your life. The problem with trying to practice something as important as creating change, is that as long as you know it’s only practice you won’t be putting in the effort or energy required to make that change.

Practice implies something ‘unfinished’ or something less than serious. Is your life something less than serious? No, your life is all you have, it’s the one and only game in town. You have to play it the best you can all the time if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Forget practice and simply begin doing whatever it is that you want. That’s the only way you will see the results that you want.

Each of these so-called secrets can cause you pain and struggle on your path to success if you don’t understand them. The bottom line is that your success in life is dependant upon you seeking out the knowledge that you need, and then taking action on that knowledge each and every day.

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