Everyone knows that having a positive atitude is an essential aspect to being happy. Here are a few constructive thinking tricks that will help keep your chin up and your head held high. It can be hard to have a positive outlook on life, when things don't go the way you planned or hope for.

The 1st of my staying positive advice is to practice and make it into a habit of asking the correct questions. What do I mean by this? In retrospect, our way of thinking is for the most part controlled by the questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis. Don’t believe me? Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions for an hour or so. A large amount of people today generally make the same mistake of asking themselves the wrong questions. Things like “Why does this always happen to me?” or “How come life has to be so hard?” Many of these questions are based on the assumption that bad situations alway happens to you and that life is tough. This only drills these beliefs deeper into your head and solidifies them as your experience the world.

Try asking yourself questions that are much less negative and more likely to help aligned you with your desires. Perhaps, questions like “What is the positive outcome to this circumstance?” or “What am I grateful for today?” These reinforce even more positive beliefs into your mind and enable you stay positive. It will take some work at first to accept these beliefs (after all, you’ve thought the old beliefs for so long), but the benefits will be more than worth it..

Another one of my positive thinking tips is to start keeping a gratitude journal. This can be something as simple as a notebook that you keep by your bed and you write in it every night. Write down what you are grateful for in your everyday life. This can be anything at all. I remember once I wrote down “I am grateful I caught the bus to work just in time today” and then the next day I wrote “I am grateful I missed the bus because it gave me time to read the newspaper in a cafe while I waited for the next bus.” If you implement this into your every day life, you will start to look at life with an optimistic attitude, helping you remain more positive.

My last positive thinking tip is to sit down and write about your desired life, exactly the way you want it to be. Write it out in pain-staking detail. When I did this I literally wrote 10 pages about every last possible detail you can imagine of. I described where I wanted to live, how much money I wanted to make, what I wanted to do for work, and all the wonderful places I would journey to. This may take some time, but I guarantee you that doing this will make you feel great, help you completely focus on your goals,and put you in alignment with your dreams.

Go along with these easy tips and soon enough you'll see that your outlook about life will shift for the better. Remember, you control your thoughts, your thoughts controls your emotions which will help control your desired outcomes all with positive thinking.

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Felicia Fillmore used to believe that life was a challenging struggle until she applied the Universe Laws to her own life. She wanted to share thoughts about the Universe Laws to help enhance other people's life.

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