Windsor’s location near Detroit makes some people wary of visiting. Windsor is significantly safer than it’s American counterpart and in fact has a number of very compelling reasons to visit:

1. Caesars Windsor: Who doesn’t like some casino action now and then? Although this casino is owned by the Ontario government, it is managed by American mainstay Harrah’s. The great thing about a Casino is that you can spend what you want. If you are a high roller, then you can play for the big stakes. If you are a penny pincher then you can stick to the nickel slots.

Harrah’s recently changed the name to “Caesars Windsor“. This name change was timed to coincide with some other upgrades to the Casino. There was a 27 story hotel, a 5,000 seat entertainment centre and 100,000 sq. feet of convention space added. At one time you would simply go to the casino and gamble for a couple hours. Now you can stay for a luxurious weekend, get some work done or catch a show.

2. Odette Sculpture Park: The name is pretty self explanatory. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Odette wanted to create an area where world renowned artists could create outdoor sculptures for people to enjoy. Their generosity made this park possible. Located on the shores of the Detroit river, this park stretches for 3.5km, showcasing more than 31 large scale works.

The park is a favourite place for people to meet and take leisurely strolls while enjoying the river as well as the fantastic art. Notable artists include Leo Moi, the late Dame Elisabeth Frink and Maryon Kantaroff.
3. Jackson Park - Queen Elizabeth II Gardens: Due to the large amount of industry and close proximity to Detroit, Windsor gets a reputation for being a somewhat dreary city. There is nothing further from the truth and this garden completely illustrates that.

The sunken gardens have received plenty of praise. The Ontario Park Association has named it the best lighted park in all of Ontario. The park itself is a whopping 65 acres, but the real gem is this formal rose garden. Some people may wonder why Windsor is referred to as “The City of Roses”, come to this garden and you will wonder no more.

Situated on 4 acres, this garden is home to 12,000 rose bushes! It includes 450 different varieties of Roses. That is about 449 more varieties than I knew existed. Make this garden a can’t miss spot on any trip to Windsor.?
Windsor has a lot to offer. It is situated in a unique spot that is actually further south than our “neighbours to the south”. It also has an abundance of green space and culture. If you are just looking for a good party - venues like Caesars Windsor cater to you. Windsor has something for everyone. Visit the City of Roses soon.

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