Shhh…can you hear that? That growing noise you hear is either our once strong economy coming to a screeching halt or the sounds of economic experts offering up their noisy opinions. As a former Macroeconomics professor, I know if you ask 5 economists their thoughts on the direction of the economy, you are liable to get 5 different answers.

As a sales consultant, I also know to become a top performing sales professional (i.e. multi-million dollar producer) there ways to prepare for success in any economic environment. There´s a common misperception that when sales professionals succeed there is a certain amount of "luck" involved. Does that mean those who achieve sustainable levels of success are extremely lucky? Hold that thought…

Here are 3 sales tips to survive economic downturns:

1. Focus on what YOU can control
Beware of allowing talks of recessions and economic slowdown to deter you from achieving sales success – it´s a trap! Why? Because these are things beyond your control. Surviving economic downturns require you to focus on what you can control, such as your relevant sales activity. What are the activities that lead you to closing sales? In basic sales models these activities are: Attempts (making phone calls, attending networking events, etc), generating contacts, and scheduling appointments.

2. Increase your RELEVANT Activities - particularly Contacts
You´ve heard it before "Sales is a numbers game." Unfortunately, this is half truth. Sales is a "managed" numbers game. Each sales person has a formula for success – i.e. a certain number of dials lead to a certain number of contacts which lead to a certain number of appointments which lead to the 1 closed sale.

Attempts → Contacts → Appointments = 1 Closed Sale

Managing the numbers of this simple sales formula effectively often leads to sustainable sales success. How? Let´s assume a Sales Rep´s standard formula equates to:

50 Attempts → 15 Contacts → 5 Appointments = 1 Closed Sale/Day

Working a 5 day work week the Sales Rep will close 5 deals/week. Monitoring sales results from this perspective, sales results are now a function of the managing the formula. If an economic downturn does occur, don´t fret, just elevate your sales activity with an emphasis on your contacts (i.e. make more dials to achieve more contacts and appointments) Sales is a contact sport! Contacts are defined as those opportunities in which you are able to initiate the sales process. It´s very simple more contacts = more sales.

3. Manage Your THOUGHTS and WORDS very carefully

Ever listen to words and thoughts of a High Performance Sales Rep in contrast to that of a poor performer? If you listen closely you´ll notice a difference. High Performers think, act and speak differently. It´s true! The Secret heightened the awareness of the power of positive thinking and speaking your destiny. Although the concept was no real secret, (sorry Secret fans the information has been around for more than 2000 years), the underlying methodology holds true – your thoughts and your words are very powerful!

As the media continues to report on the economic slowdown it is easy fall victim to negative thoughts and negative talk in regard to your sales forecast. Be encouraged to think and speak to your success, maintain your positive outlook. If a sales goal appears impossible, stop and ask yourself "If it were possible, how would I do it?" You will be surprised at how quickly your mind naturally starts to crank out ideas. In the words of the late Henry Ford…"whether you think you can or can´t, you are absolutely right."

These tips are common practices of many high performance sales reps that are perceived as "lucky". The best definition of luck I´ve come across is...when preparation meets opportunity. How "lucky" are you?

Use the tips and you too will become a lucky High Performance Sales Pro in all economic conditions.

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As the founder of The McKinnis Consulting Group, Rod is the authority on High Performance Sales Results. His firm specializes in the acceleration of sales results for sales professionals, organizations and associations. He is an expert in enriching the skills of sales professionals and sharpening their competitive sales edge. His startling sales discovery enables sales teams and professionals to save time, energy and money while improving overall sales results.