3 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Susan Bock

Confidence is everything. How many times have you heard that throughout your life? We can be highly confident in some aspects of our life, and at the opposite end of the spectrum in other aspects – like starting a business. Confidence gives us the power to act without worrying whether our actions will be effective. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter the entrepreneurial game without worrying about our effectiveness? For most of us, that would be highly unlikely.

What can we do to build confidence – or even overcome the inertia founded in the lack of confidence? Here are three suggestions that may help you build confidence.

1. Inaction vs. Action.
A lack of activity or action feeds our inertia, our lack of confidence. It’s only by doing something that we have a foundation to build confidence. When you identify what is causing you to remain inactive, you can begin creating activities that will build your confidence – and give you the courage to take the next step. Establishing realistic actions toward achieving your goal is the way to success.

2. Success Breeds Success.
Think of a toddler learning to walk, or remember the effort required to learn how to ride a bicycle….none of us did it perfectly on the first try. After successfully engaging in your action steps, the subsequent activities will become easier and require less effort. Through determination, perseverance, and perhaps some other choice descriptors, progress toward success will be achieved today, because we have learned how to ride that bicycle – the action is taken without any conscious thought.

3. Beware of the bug.
Achievement and success are to be savored and enjoyed. Acknowledging our successes is vital food to our entrepreneurial appetite. However, beware of the complacency bug….it can sneak up on you without warning! Complacency can undermine your past successes and prevent you from moving on to even greater achievements.

Thomas Edison taught us that his first 800 attempts to create the light bulb were not failures – rather in each attempt, he proved how the light bulb could not work. He learned with each attempt, and thankfully, he had the confidence to continue and try #801!


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Susan Bock
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Susan Bock
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Susan Bock is a Certified Executive Coach, Professional Business Consultant. She founded Susan Bock Solutions on the philosophy of getting more for less – more success with less effort. She works exclusively with women business owners who are ready to reach and sustain new levels of success through creative business thinking.