When you are writing articles to promote a business online your main objectives are exposure and traffic generation. The exposure comes from having your published articles circulated to every 'nook and cranny' on the internet. This is achieved of course by having article directories publish and display your article on their sites. It is then available for viewing and/or reuse by others across the internet community.

Now getting traffic from your published articles is ultimately what you are striving for and this is a result of the link you placed inside your resource box.

For either one of these objectives to be accomplished there are 3 things you want to focus on when you write an article.

Relevant Content

When you write an article to promote anything you should always be sure that it displays relevancy to what it is you promote. Now the degree of relevancy does not need to always be directly related to your purpose or product but some relevancy needs to be established nonetheless.

By having articles related to whatever your 'intentions' may be serves to better 'qualify' readers who may click on the link in your resource box. You do not want to write an article about horses when you may be promoting janitorial supplies. What this will do is confuse readers who visit your site and also result in an unfocused and wasted effort on your part.

Keeping your articles related to your theme, product or purpose will help you get the best results and minimize any frustrations on the part of readers.

Effective Resource Box

The resource box is the only area of the entire article you can use to actually promote anything. Normally limited to about 3 lines here is where you will want to use your best copywriting skills since you are trying to accomplish a lot in such little space.

What you will want to do is take the reader through a 'transition' from the article content to the reason they should visit your site. You also want to give them a brief bio about yourself as it may relate to the article or your business.

It is best when you can to take the primary keyword of your article and use it as the anchor text or link on which readers will click to visit your site. More on this in the following section.

Keyword Optimization

You want to establish what your primary and secondary keywords will be for your article. This is done to help optimize your article for search engines so that you can capture as much of this free and targeted traffic as possible.

Take your primary keyword and use it in the title of the article. This same keyword should be used in both the opening and closing paragraphs preferably within the first sentence. As mentioned above you will also want to use this as your anchor text or link that you place in the resource box.

Your secondary keywords should be 'sprinkled' about the text of your article but caution should be taken NOT to overuse them. Targeting a ratio of 2 to 3 keywords per 100 words of text should work just fine.

Writing articles for promotional purposes online is a very effective strategy that holds two objectives which are gaining exposure and generating traffic. When article directories approved and publish your article they display it on their sites for other to read and/or use for their own purposes. It is now up to your resource box and the link inside to send traffic to your site. By focusing on the 3 areas we spoke of above when you write an article you will greatly increase the amount of exposure and traffic that you will get.

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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