ip #1

Feeling like you can’t get it all done? Schedule Focus Time every day. This is the time you are not to be disturbed. Turn off the phone, shut down email and determine your biggest need for action at this time. Then set your timer and get it done!

Tip #2

Tired of losing phone messages? Start a new habit today. Get a small notebook and NEVER retrieve voice mail unless that notebook is in front of you. When you get voice mail, write down the person’s name, phone number and reason for calling. Then schedule a time to make callbacks. Cross them off the list when you are done and you’ll have a simple running record of returned phone calls.

Tip #3

Too much to do every day? Use this simple technique to determine a realistic schedule. Write down everything you want to get done today. Then put a time estimate on each task (make sure it’s not a multi-day project!) and add up the time. Compare what you have to do with how much time you have available and adjust to fit. Yes, some things will have to move to tomorrow. At least now you’re in control.

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