Publishing content on the internet is a very effective online marketing strategy since it not only gives you massive exposure but also helps build your credibility. This approach however can be labor intensive therefore it is always a good idea to look for ways to make your content distribution efforts more efficient.

When using content as a promotional means you are not only distributing it but also developing it as well. Both these tasks by themselves are time consuming so it would more efficient if they could be consolidated in some way.

Let's look at 3 'tools' available to you that could be used not only for content distribution but also for developing new information as well.


This is one of the largest social bookmarking sites online and is designed to bring late breaking news and other interesting content to you. The value of this site increases for someone who is involved in content distribution. Digg allows you to publish your own content to the site and then circulates it amongst a significantly sized membership base.

As your content gets circulated it can then quite easily go viral leaving the site and infiltrating other areas of the internet.


Much like Digg this site also makes available to you information or news that is current and makes it easy to bookmark any content you find interesting. Searching for information relative to any topic you choose is made easy since content is 'stored' on the site and is categorized by descriptive tags and keywords.

The search process is much more time efficient than what you would experience by using online search engines.

Submitting your own interesting content is encouraged on this site and shared with the membership which once again is significant in numbers. Here too the circulation of content is NOT limited to just the site itself.


If yesterday was your first day online you have probably already heard of Twitter the social networking micro blog. This site offers many 'downloadable' applications but one of the most valuable is Tweetdeck. This app allows you to search multiple topics or keywords simultaneously for information of interest to you.

If you are using content online for promotional reasons you will never be at a loss for freshly updated information to use. The best thing is your searches yield real time results which make for the freshest content you will find.

From this same platform you can also broadcast your own content to other site members. Being Twitter is one of the fastest growing and largest social networking sites online you will not be shortchanged for the exposure you can receive.

Publishing content as a means for gaining exposure online is a very effective technique that offers several benefits. This particular online marketing strategy however could be even more effective if the process of content distribution and development could be better consolidated. By incorporating the 3 tools we spoke of here today in your efforts when using content for promotional purposes you will experience considerable time savings. These tools are not only great sources for new content but can also offer you significant exposure as well.

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