During the cold season whilst you are sporting a lovely baggy sweater keeping your belly fat out of sight is no problem at all, however when the hot season comes around the weather begins to improve you may decide you'd like to go on an exotic tropical holiday somewhere, this is when things can begin to become a little awkward! There are very few places to hide your belly flab when you are walking bear chested along the beach or trying out your new bikini. And it is at those times that you really wish you had just looked after your body a bit better previously. Excellent news though, it is entirely possibly to dramatically drop belly flab if you have the correct approach. The fastest way to lose belly fat is to take all of the tips on board:

1) Squat - Doing squats with a barbell over the top of your back is a great exercise to burn fat belly flab for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is very stressful and requires your cardio-vascular system to work overtime subsequently burning lots of calories. Secondly, It increases the muscle mass in your body which is good news because muscle requires more calories to be burnt in order to maintain its healthy state as an ongoing process. Thirdly, the squat exercise is so stressful that it causes the body to secrete powerful muscle building and fat loss promoting hormones into the blood stream. Fourthly and finally it exercise the entire body including your abs. Literally all the muscle are required to work when you perform squats properly, they either work dynamically to move the body or statically to hold the body in place. Even if you do not like exercise, exercise for weight loss is a real key to progress and should not be ignored.

2) Drink both green tea and coffee. Both of these have shown to boost the speed of the metabolism. The speed with which your body performs tha chemical reactions in the body is known as the metabolic rate. Speed it up and your body burns off more calories with no extra effort!

3) Always eat a big breakfast - it is amazing how many people still think that skipping breakfast is a suitable way to try and drop belly flab. The reverse of this thought would be nearer the truth. You must understand that if you do not consume any breakfast then your body is going to have to go an awfully long time without food indeed probably until lunch the next day. The body's main job clearly is to keep it alive and functioning so if it think it is starving in this manner then it will try to keep hold of all the calories the body currently has and preserve them. It does this by dramatically reducing the metabolic rate of the body which is a terrible thing for belly fat burning! So why not make sure you eat a hearty breakfast in the morning which will enable your body to keep working with its metabolic rate running at this elevated level. This is very sound advice for anyone wanting a lose belly fat diet.

OK, with those tips in mind, a bit of common sense persistence and hard work you can most definitely burn fat belly flab off for good!

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