No matter how charmed your life may be, we all face hard times. That just comes with the territory of living. So how do you get up when life knocks you down? How can you become more resilient?
Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey are two examples of resilient people. Despite Lance's health setbacks and Oprah's difficult childhood, both found ways to move forward in the face of adversity. How do they and other resilient people do it? Here are three tips that resilient people use to bounce back faster.


1. Don't Obsess. Resilient people feel bad when life's hard times come, but they don't obsess. You're obsessing if you often think, "If only..." like "If only I had quit smoking sooner," or "If only I had tried harder." Although those thoughts are understandable, too many of them can keep you stuck in the past. Resilient people stay focused on the present.

2. Don't Blame Others. You're blaming if you think, "Things would be great if it wasn't for (fill in the blank) my boss, my sister, the stock market." Although it's logical to blame others, doing this will prevent you from being resilient because you're giving your power to those you're blaming instead of keeping it for yourself.

3. Do Take Action. People who feel they have some control over what happens to them, are more resilient than those who don't. So find something you can control in your situation. If your mate is sick, get more information on the disease, or if your parent is aging, talk about your options. One woman lists 5 things she can do to handle her difficult situations, then she picks one and does it.

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