When you start your online business, you have very few customer service issues. Those that do emerge can usually be handled fairly easily via email or a phone call, and you'll probably resolve most of these yourself. However, as your business grows and you begin to develop products and programs, the number of customer service issues increases, as well. You then begin to look for a way to delegate this task, but if you don't have procedures outlined for how you have handled these issues in the past, it becomes difficult to train your team on carrying out these procedures. And, without a system, it becomes difficult for you as the business owner to ensure that your team is handling these issues in the way you want them handled.

That's when a system set up using help desk software comes in handy. When you set up this software for use in your business, you are also prompted to document your procedures, your text for email responses, and create a list of common customer service questions and how to answer them.

Here are 3 ways that help desk software can help you improve your customer service:

1. Creates trackable tickets. Your help desk software should require the customer to create a ticket that is attached to her customer service issue. Rather than relying on email, at any point your customer can log into the ticket system, track the progress of her ticket, read the response to her ticket, and post a reply if needed. Now you have a documented, trackable record of all of your customer service issues, as your customer service staff's replies are embedded in this system, as well.

2. Lets customers help themselves. Once you have answered customer service issues over a period of time, you'll notice a number of questions are asked repeatedly. You can gather these questions and your responses to them and create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) portion of your ticket system so that customers can get the answers to commonly asked questions right away from your FAQ database.

3. Permits timely response to customer service issues. Your time is valuable. When business really picks up and your time is at a premium, it no longer makes sense for you to be handling your customer service issues. Your overwhelming to-do list may mean this issue slips between the cracks and is unintentionally ignored. Instead, delegate this task to a team member and provide the appropriate training. Help desk software permits you to log in and check on the reported customer service issues and ensure that they are being handled appropriately, as both the customer and staff requests and responses should be logged in this system. In this way, you can easily track any mistakes made and make corrections right away. Your team member's timely response makes your customers feel heard and supported.

Perhaps help desk software is overkill for you at the moment. However, as your business grows, you'll come to appreciate it as a valuable asset that helps you better serve your customers.

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