Since their simple paper beginnings, business cards have come a long way, nowadays succeeding in conveying to any client a strong sense of what your abilities and personal traits are. 3D business cards and metal business cards are the ultimate fashion in matters of design, stylishly representing what your business stands for and ensuring that your clients won’t forget your business anytime soon. However, knowing how to appropriately design these unique business cards is a more difficult thing that it may seem, since the boundaries between what’s necessary and enough and what’s too much can easily become blurred, and excessive creativity could even damage your professional reputation.

For any person or business that is set on creating an impressive and unforgettable business card, abrainstorming session with the company and the hired graphic designer is a necessary step that ultimately decides whether the outcome performs the desired function or not. The type of industry in which you activate as well as the position of the employee for which the business card is destined are key factors when playing with design ideas. There are some businesses such as fashion, styling, cooking or design that allow for a high amount of creativity and liberty of expression when it comes to their advertising and marketing means. However, engineering, medical, law or financial fields are well known to be more stringent in their requirements and a professional, minimalistic design is to be desired in these situations.

One major fault that even sophisticated 3d business cards or metal business cards still continue to manifest is that concerning the fear of color. Professional design doesn’t necessarily mean tones of gray, ivory, black or white. The best that such business cards can do is that of being sufficient. Sufficient doesn’t mean impressive and you’ll find that a smart placement of color on your business card can really make it stand out in a positive way. Two-toned cards may constitute a more personal and vibrant option even for the more serious professions, vividly communicating to customers the fact that your business can go one step further and actually play on innovation.

Although metal business cards are largely preferred by corporate businesses, smaller ones could also benefit from the newest trends, provided they are used as to be aesthetically pleasing. Some of these smaller companies, depending on their area of work, could choose to incorporate in their business card a high quality image of their essential products or services that smoothly blends in with the rest of the card. For this purpose, your graphic designer could use a faded version of the photograph that may constitute the background for the company description and contact information.

Regardless of the type of business card you choose, always keep in mind when making the choice and accepting a design proposition that it will be for a very long time your company’s image and the first impression, and if you are content solely with promoting your image through a cheaply produced, faultily designed card then you should expect your customers to discard and forget them in the same manner. Investing your effort into this small, but important element of every business will enormously pay off later, when people will come back to you because they found your card well-kept somewhere in their drawer.

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The 3D business cards and metal business cards are the latest fashion in terms of business card design and knowing how to properly choose them will greatly benefit your client base and the possibilities of its expansion.