The sale figures of Indian electronic market have been improved relative to last year. Many brands have released the several home appliances in the market like LCD tvs, refrigerators, Air conditioners, Microwaves and more. From all the LCD TVs are more in demand by the people. The LCD price in Delhi will surely meet with the expense of many consumers. The major reasons of its popularity are its availability and affordability. The best two brands who are eagerly engaged in inventing the LCD TVs are Sony and Samsung. Let's check out what new has added in the collection of Sony LCD and Samsung LCD.

In the growing industry of 3D cinema, Sony is playing a vital role in the expansion of 3D technology by providing a wide variety of professional equipment for the shooting, production and screening of movies in 3D. Sony is all ready to launch the 3D range. It brings a new dimension in reality in to your home. Sony has come up with the complete 3D range including all software and hardware that offer you a true 3D home entertainment. Sony is launching the several 3D compatible devices like 3D home theatre system, digital still camera, Play stations and more. This new technology based Sony LCD price in Delhi is of course more than the predecessors. This Sony LCD is come packed with the many advanced features.

Samsung has also launched the complete 3D range. The new 55" Class (54.6" Diag) LED 8000 Series Smart TV offering Captivating viewing whether its premium-quality 2D picture or seeing incredible 3D depth, images are looking real in Samsung Full HD. Samsung 3D LCD TVs also offer a exclusive feature that gives you a unbelievable viewing 3D experience. This Samsung LCD also includes the Full Web Browser to navigate the internet. The Samsung LCD price in Delhi is available in the high range and only suits to the budget of affluent class people.

As we all know that the Diwali season is coming soon in India and obviously it will bring several offers to the consumers as well. So if you are planning to buy the LCD TVs then wait for couple of months you will surely get the better discounts and other complementary gifts with the purchase of any home appliance. Due to that every brand is engaged in launching the more and more appliances to generate good sale figure.

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