With any electrical appliance, you need to perform routine upkeep so that your machine can perform optimally throughout the year. When it comes to aircon, you need to take extra care and precaution to avoid costly repairs and maintenance. However, with time and use, aircon loses its work efficiency and gives off recurring glitches.

Sometimes, you neglect the indications and end up with costly repairs or a brand new replacement. To help you take precautions well in advance, we have come up with a few telltale aircon malfunction symptoms so that you know when to call ac repair.

  • Aircon Giving Warm Air

Your costly aircon is supposed to keep the room chilled. What if you suddenly feel hot air coming off the vents of your aircon? Sounds no more than a nightmare! However, it can turn out to be a reality in situations when the capacitor becomes faulty, or there's a blown fuse. In such a case, you need to check the thermostat and ensure the switch is set to cooling mode. If you still get hot air, you need to opt for professional air conditioning repairs in Beenleigh to fix critical compressor issues.

  • Improper Or Limited Airflow

If you feel your aircon giving limited or poor airflow, it might be an indication that it is not working optimally. At times, you may get limited airflow if there is an obstruction in the internal ductwork. There can be many reasons behind insufficient airflow such as blocked filter, damaged motor or other technical glitches. These are serious technical issues which can’t be resolved single-handedly. Therefore, it’s wise to call the experts offering aircon cleaning in Beenleigh who have the expertise to fix aircon issues instantly.

  • Water Leakage From Pipes

Your aircon depends on refrigerant that helps to keep rooms cool through the process of active condensation. Neither of the liquids should cause leakage. However, if you find water leaking around the pipes of your aircon, it’s an alarming sign that something severe has happened to your cooling system and needs immediate repair. Water leakage is a severe issue which needs to be addressed on an urgent basis or else it can weaken the foundation of your home and even cause other troubles such as bubbling paint, cracked paint etc.,

  • Bad Odours With Unusual Noise

It’s common for all air cons to make a low sound while starting up, but once the machine starts its operation, the noise gradually disappears. But if your appliance continues making loud and unnatural noise, it can be a big signal of disrupted cooling system. Whereas rattling noise can signify a loose component, humming noise can trigger something even more serious. At times, your aircon might give off a burning smell, which is an indicator of burnt wire. If you suddenly confront musty odour, it can be due to mould growth within the internal ductwork.

If you confront any of the signals mentioned above, do not delay to call the technicians to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

 Final Words

Installing an aircon is a costly affair. Therefore, you should perform frequent aircon maintenance in Beenleigh to keep it in proper shape. For quality servicing, you can contact the professionals who can do the work with perfection and care.

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