In this technically advanced era, we can’t imagine our life without laptops. It has become a dire need for every working professional or even a student for doing various assignments. With prolonged usage, your laptop becomes vulnerable to battery issues or other technical breakdowns and that’s when people opt for laptop repair service in Logan Central

Even after charging your laptop overnight, you might notice a low battery alert after a few hours of use. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind it? Well, your battery runs out of order due to some disturbances in the settings. 

Read this article and find out the effective ways to maximise your laptop’s battery performance.

Adjust Your Battery’s Settings

As laptop batteries worn out with time, most renowned manufacturers include special settings to adjust the battery performance. Under the battery performance settings tab, you will find options to adjust the power needed to perform specific functions. For instance, laptops with Windows operating systems come with a unique battery performance slider where you can customise the battery performance as per your requirements.

Optimise Your Background Apps

As with Smartphones, your laptop often runs a couple of background apps that strain the batteries and they drain faster. With a host of apps constantly running in the background, the battery runs out of order and loses charge quickly. 

In order to get optimal performance, you should check the number of downloaded apps. If you find any app consuming significantly high energy and you don’t need it further, delete them instantly in order to save power. 

Adjust the Screen Brightness

Almost every laptop comes with an option to adjust the screen brightness. If you are working amidst sufficient lights, minimise the brightness of your screen. A visually brighter screen consumes high power and causes the battery to drain fast.

Apart from battery draining, a bright screen causes strain to your eyes and you end up with severe eyesight problems. If you keep on working on a bright screen, your battery will run no longer and you have to opt for laptop repair service in Underwood.

Unplug the Charger When Charged

A common mistake by a majority of the people is to keep their laptop charger plugged in even when the device is fully charged. 

If you think that keeping charger plugged in can retain power for a long time, hold on! This might be the biggest blunder you can ever make with your laptop. It will work the other way round and reduce your laptop’s efficiency to hold charge. Also, keeping the power flow running even after full charge can affect other components of your device.

Final Words

What can be more irritating than having a non-functional battery at the hour of need? There are a lot of factors that lead to battery drain issues. If you don’t want to end up with a mess, follow the tips mentioned in the article regarding how to prolong laptop battery lifespan

It will not only boost the battery performance but ensure good health of your device for the years to come. 

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The author has years of experience in laptop repair service in Logan Central and associated with a company offering affordable laptop repair service in Logan Reserve.