Ponytail extensions have gained high popularity these days. A lot of women are buying clip-in ponytail extensions for elevating their look. Moreover, with beautiful hair extensions, especially with the ponytail ones, you can style your hair in different ways that make the best appearance. Here you will get five best and attractive ways to style your ponytail extension. These styles are easy to do and are surely get you versatile look as well as a real bang for money spend.

Given below are some of the most attractive styling tips for your ponytail hair extension:

  • High Braided Pony

With ponytail hair extensions in Australia, you can style differently, and one of the best ways is by doing high braids. If you do not want the entire pony open, then you can opt for high braids. This style looks super cute. After you apply for the extension, you can braid it and put an elastic hairband to secure it. However, if you do not know how to braid, then you can use two sections and twist the hair, and then wrap the two sections and keep it intact with an elastic band. This will give you a cute twisted pony, which is enough to turn heads!

  • Chic Low Bun

To get a magnificent look, a low bun is the best. If you use this style for your ponytail extension, then it will surely make any outfit look elegant. You just need to tie in a low bun and put the clip of the extension to the base of the small bun. After that, you need to wrap the hair around the Velcro strap and pony extension tightly and put some bobby pins to secure it. In addition, if you want to get the messy look, then you need to pull some hair out. Now you are ready to flaunt your chic look!

  • Sleek High Pony

With a high sleek pony, you are assured of getting celebrity vibes. This high and tightly tied pony gives a natural facelift, and makes you stand out of the crowd! You can easily and quickly install this high pony. The only thing that is required is putting your original hair in a high pony and attaches the clip of extension to the pony’s base. After that, you need to wrap the Velcro strap and put some bobby pins. Now you are eye-candy to all the people around you.

  • Classic Low Pony

The low pony looks really classic. The old styles are new again. Make a low bun and attach the extension. Subsequent to this wrap the Velcro strap around the hair, and attach some bobby pins to keep it intact. Also, if you want to add some more volume, then pull the first layer of your hair in the ponytail. You can do it with any kind of hair, whether it be straight, wavy or curly. You can get various colours of pony hair extensions in Australia if you opt for a reputed hair extension provider. From the options, you can choose a colour that goes well with you, as it will make your low pony more elegant and classic. 

Final Words!

Therefore, these are some of the attractive styles that you can do with your ponytail extension. Also, make sure that you are buying the hair extensions from a certified and reputed company so that you can buy a high-quality product.

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