To begin with, management theories are surrounding concepts that are recommended as part of management strategies. These are guidelines and frameworks that are applied in modern business. Thus, the managers of a company do not rely on one theory only. Rather, they make use of various concepts that combine to produce a good result.

These management theories are both old and new. They surround the daily operations of a business. Because of these concepts, you will be able to deal with various challenges that occur in an organization. Every manager of an organization should go through these concepts as a guide.

These concepts can motivate an employee, help allocate resources, and help in decision making or generally guide the firm to succeed. Starting from the basics, if we take an example of building a successful managerial plan for Spotify, you need to start from gaining the following. You can only move further from this point and plan your next actions around it.

The following are some of the theories and concepts of management.

1. Scientific Management Theory

It is one of the oldest management theories. It mainly focused on reducing the period of production and limiting the amount of waste from the organization. This concept aimed to make use of a scientific approach to improve operations.

The goal was to emphasize incentivizing the performance of employees. It was also to reduce the practices of “hit and trial”. Thus, the research of this concept studied a scientific method that will not require people to be forced to work hard to optimize results.

They came up with a strategy to recommend making tasks simple so that people would be more productive. Additionally, they settled on paying employees their money according to their daily work. It revolved around encouraging teamwork between the employees and employers. The scientific management theory is still applicable even today.

2. System Management Theory

This theory aims at offering another approach to the management and planning of organizations. The theory states that the business works with various components together so that the larger system can work optimally. The systems management theory is crucial for the success of a business.

For an organization to be successful, it depends on various key elements. Such elements include interdependence, interrelation and synergy among various subsystems. Employees are very crucial for a company to be successful. Other key factors include business units, departments and workgroups.

The managers of the company can evaluate the events and patterns of their companies. Consequently, it will help them determine which is the best management approach to use. Additionally, they can unite different programs so they can work as a whole and not specific units.

3. Contingency Management Theory

The concept behind this theory is that one approach cannot be suitable for every organization. Thus, if social media works for one company, it will not work for another. Some communities will struggle to get followers on some platforms.

For example, a site such as Spotify can be challenging to get a lot of followers. Some firms will have to find the ways to get Spotify followers so that they can survive in the industry.Additionally, the contingency management theory applies three variables.

These variables include technology used, size of the organization and the method of leadership. Thus, how the leader manages the organization will determine how effective this organization will perform.

4. Concept of Administrative Management

The administrative management concept is based on the responsibilities to organize, control, command, coordinate, forecast and plan when managing employees of the organization. It is with these six concepts that managers should use when dealing with their employees.
These principles guided on maintaining a clean and tidy organization. Additionally, it also helped in the value of teamwork and initiative. These worked as the foundation for many people in the success of businesses even today.

In Conclusion

There are so many concepts and theories that are involved in managing a business. It is because the business requires a lot of factors to be successful. Also, not every concept can be applicable in some businesses. The managers have to study their firms to know what concept will work and which ones won’t.

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